Translation from English to French of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices survey

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"Empowering Vulnerable Young People in Central Chad to become Peace-Building" has 3,161 words (7 pages). A Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey is used to understand individual and/or community perceptions of an issue (or set of issues) by exploring the knowledge, attitudes and practices of those involved. A KAP is especially useful as it can be used to not only describe the knowledge, attitudes and practices but also to analyze how, and why, these three things do, or don’t link together (see example table below), and whether this is the same for different groups of people.

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    This PBF project KAP will lead to a quantitative and qualitative study that includes the needs and reflections of the targeted youth community (15-35 years) in BEG, Batha and Borkou (Chad). The KAP survey will be conducted at the beginning and end of the project. It will serve as the basis for understanding the economic needs of the target audience (vulnerable and marginalized youth) as well as for understanding the current position of young people in decision-making. At the end of the project, the same survey will be carried out to see how successful the project has been in improving the demands of young people and in better understanding the gap between the needs achieved and future needs. As such, the KAP is a key tool to test and further examine, both in the baseline and end-line, the project theory of change and achievements towards it.

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    Attention to detail, excellent level of French.

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