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Purpose of the Consultancy The purpose of this consultancy is to support the Ministry of Health (MOH) in strengthening the health system to improve the delivery of essential care package at primary care level, focusing on governance, service delivery, health management information system, health financing and human resources for health pillars, during the recovery phase 2021-2023. This consultancy assignment focuses on performance management of core health workforce, the General Physicians, Nurses, and Midwives, harmonizing their job descriptions with their key performance indicators. Background Prior to 2011, the Libyan health system achieved impressive health outcomes but the performance drastically plummeted in 2011, with the onset of the armed conflict which evolved into a protracted political crisis characterized by instability, outbreaks of violence, and worsening of people’s living conditions. The persisting situation has not allowed for the recovery of the health system and the implementation of meaningful reforms to address the damages to the health governing, regulatory and management institutions and infrastructures resulting from the conflict and to tackle pre-existing structural challenges. As a result, the provision of effective and efficient health care in the public health facilities has been declining over the past ten years of instability. This situation affects the health of the populations, particularly the most vulnerable residing in low economic potential rural areas that are severely under resourced, worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. This weak health system further exacerbates the humanitarian situation in the country and hampers Libya’s path towards resilience and progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) that can be achieved through strengthening of Primary Health Care (PHC). Libyan Ministry of Health (MoH) has developed the Essential Package of Health Services (EPHS) for PHC, together with Health management information system. In addition, WHO Libya has supported the Ministry of Health (MOH) in formulating a Health Workforce (HWF) strategic plan. The plan consists of five strategic goals: Equity in Availability, Distribution and Skill mix of health workforce countrywide; Improvement in leadership, management at entry, workplace, and exit; Strengthening Health Workforce Production; Development and Updating policies guiding registration, acreditation, and licensing of Medical Education and Practice; and promoting Public Private Partnership (PPP). In this context of a complex, relatively fragile State situation, the implementation of these excellent initiatives may be hampered by many forces, hence the need to pilot them in a selected number of Municipalities to monitor and evaluate their feasibility and effectiveness to generate evidence on their effectiveness, gain experience in their implementation before scaling them up nationwide towards a stronger health system by the end of the recovery phase. The purpose of this consultancy therefore is to midwife the implementation of these recovery initiatives in five selected Municipalities, to contribute to the success of several other reform strategies in the health sector towards the achievement of its vision of a strong Libyan health system capable to deliver quality services to all people, when and where they need them. This requires a well-trained, committed, and motivated workforce which is also a pre-condition to the achievement of UHC and SDGs. Work to be performed Output: This consultancy assignment will support the MOH in strengthening the functionality of the health workforce component of the health system recovery initiatives. Deliverables 4.1 Develop a performance management framework for core staff of PHCUs, PHCCs, and Polyclinics 4.2 Review, update and harmonize job descriptions and key performance indicators for key staff providing essential package of health services at PHC level 4.3 Train managers, supervisors, and leadership staff on the implementation of performance management and supportive supervision of core staff. 4.4 Develop an overall technical report on performance management and supportive supervision for core management personnel in the five Municipalities. 4.5 Launch the performance management system in 5 municipalities. 4.6 Draft monthly reports in the donor’s format. 4.7 Draft contribution to the first annual comprehensive technical report on STEP to the EU, due November 30th 2022. 5. Timeframe: Six months from the date of contract issuance. 6. Technical Supervision Specific requirements Qualifications required: Advanced university degree (Master’s or equivalent) for mid and high end of range in Human Resource Management, Administration, Public Admin, or social sciences. Specific HRM Training/Certificate is desirable (e.g. Performance Management, HRCI, SHRM etc.). Experience required: 7 to 10 years of relevant experience in the area of Workforce Management (WFM), Staff Performance Management, creation and evaluation of Job Descriptions. Skills / Technical skills and knowledge: Developing performance management frameworks, and harmonizing job descriptions with key performance indicators. Language requirements: Excellent knowledge of English, Excellent knowledge of Arabic is highly desirable. Place of assignment: Benghazi, Tripoli and Sabha Travel The Consultant is expected to travel according to the itinerary and estimated schedule below: Travel dates Location: From August 1, 2022 To January 31st, 2023 Libya: Tripoli, Benghazi, Sabha Purpose:Develop performance management framework, harmonize the job descriptions of core staff with key performance indicators, and train managers and supervisors on implementation of performance management and supportive supervision of core health workforce.

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