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Lebanon has submitted its Fourth National Communication (4NC) on climate change to the UNFCCC secretariat in December 2022. National communications act as a national reference to the most recent updated climate information, which is used and referenced by national stakeholders in different key sectors. The 4NC not only addresses the progress Lebanon is achieving in climate change but also underlines the main gaps and priority needed to further rally support to Lebanon’s main development sectors. The document reports on: Lebanon’s national circumstances including economic, governance, sectoral, private sector, youth, and gender related sections; Lebanon’s National Greenhouse gas inventory for 2019; projected changes in temperature, precipitation, runoff, sea temperature and levels and extreme events for Lebanon for mid and end-century; vulnerability and impact assessment for agriculture, water, biodiversity, coastal cities and health; and an overview of support received and needed to plan and implement climate action.

We are looking for an experienced and creative Online Volunteer who will support the Climate Change team with the development of an outreach/social media campaign. The purpose of this assignment is to support the Climate Change project in communicating findings from “Lebanon’s 4th National Communication On Climate Change” report; and contribute to communications activities at the country level. In close collaboration with the Climate Change team and the communication assistant, the Online Volunteer will: - Discuss and define the campaign’s target audience, desired goals, and outcome - Analyze target audience and develop audience profile - Create & develop an online campaign on climate change from a 340-page report - Define specific message/s and medium/tool to convey message/s to target audience - Extract at least 20 communication messages that will be translated into social media posts. - Develop campaign’s implementation plan - Support the development of social media messages for the CO accounts/platforms, and social media listening (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook). - To ensure proper visibility and support to the donor and the partners through development and dissemination of relevant communications products. - To provide relevant and timely communications support in close cooperation with the Climate Change team and the communication assistant. For close coordination and discussion the Online Volunteer is expected to be available for calls via Zoom/Microsoft Teams.

Candidates should have previous experience in campaigning or strategy development with excellent communication and writing/editing skills. Good knowledge of online marketing tools and channels, as well as experience with designing of outreach/marketing tools is highly desired. A degree in marketing, creative writing, mass communications or related fields is considered an asset.

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