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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has adopted its new Strategic Plan 2022-2025, which aims to contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through strategic innovation and a portfolio approach for large-scale development change. Traditional development approaches are proving inadequate in dealing with complex issues, and there is a limited time frame of less than a decade to achieve the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. To meet these goals, we must redefine our development models and adopt a system-thinking mindset. This vision aligns with the Country Programme Document for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021-2025, which envisions the UNDP's transformation from a performer to a thought leader capable of driving significant change.

Consequently, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina is actively enhancing its capabilities and mindset to effectively adapt to a rapidly changing environment, learn from real experiences, and translate that knowledge into systemic changes. In March 2021, the Integration & Innovation Cell was established as an organizational unit to foster programmatic synergies and cross-sector collaboration, placing innovation and system thinking at the core of UNDP's work. The Innovation and Integration Cell is focused on: integrating system thinking and setting in motion new portfolios, curating cross-team collaboration and integrated programme design, undertaking research experimentation and innovation, nurturing the Nextgen UNDP capabilities and enhancing the UNDP data and analytics. One of the Innovation and Integration Cell's priority work streams is designing and establishing the Circular Economy Portfolio in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Against this background and based on the developmental needs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNDP in the country is interested in engaging an Online Volunteer to support graphic designing/visual storytelling. The selected online volunteer is expected to visually represent ideas expressed through spoken and written communication and will be responsible for creating graphic design materials for information and communication purposes, capturing discussions through visual storytelling, and supporting the visual identity of the Innovation and Integration Cell's work related to Circular economy portfolio.

The online volunteer is expected to:

• Visualize the circular economy system in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Based on inputs, information, guidance and materials provided by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Online Volunteer is expected to create a visual illustration (doodle-like / sketch illustration way) of the circular economy system in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a synthesised representation of a complex network of areas and relations. The visual needs to be a high-level, abstract representation of the main features and elements characterising the circular economy system in the country (including challenges, stakeholders, and contextual elements). The coloured visual should offer an easy-to-comprehend visual representation of the circular economy system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be used by UNDP for socialising and awareness-raising purposes.

Building on the foundational visual of the circular economy system, the Online Volunteer is expected to develop a visual representation of each of the 7 strategic interventions that serve as levers to kick-start the transformation in the country. Hence, the products of this task will include two layers: one is the foundational graphic artistic outlook of the circular economy system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second – an enriched visual of that system with seven recognisable and visibly standing interventions/areas of work, where UNDP intends to start intervening for system change. Some visuals to offer a hint for the expected type of visual are available in this visual ( ), as well as here on this link (

The Online Volunteer will consult with the UNDP team on the emerging drafts and, if necessary - make adjustments as suggested by UNDP. The visuals will be developed using professional design software (e.g., Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, etc.), in line with UNDP graphic guidelines and also provided in a PDF/SVG format.

This task should be completed by the end of July 2023, and the expected level of effort will not exceed 20 days of engagement in total.

• University degree in visual art and graphic design or a related field. • At least five (5) years of relevant professional experience. • Proven previous successful experience in visual storytelling and translating complex info into compelling visuals. • Excellent illustration skills and ability to use information technologies as a tool and resource. • Ability to depict and visualize complex topics through a visual outlook. • Experience in communications for development and advocacy is an asset.

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