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In much of the world, the face of farming is female. Globally, reports the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the majority of economically active women in the least-developed countries work in agriculture. The problem? Gender-specific obstacles—such as lack of access to land, financing, markets, agricultural training and education, suitable working conditions, and equal treatment—put female farmers at a significant disadvantage before they ever plow a field or sow a seed. Inherent gender bias in the economic system, for example, regularly limits a woman’s access to credit. That’s especially true for smallholder female farmers in developing countries where cultural norms and lack of collateral often prevent women from borrowing money. Without adequate funds for capital investments, female farmers are less likely than men to buy and use fertilizer, drought-resistant seeds, sustainable agricultural practices, and other advanced farming tools and techniques that increase crop yields. Poor access to financing is another major setback faced by women in agriculture. Credit incur costs and the time that they are able to generate income from their produce. businesses limit their ability to obtain credit. However, despite of their important role in agriculture, women often are not considered as farmers, therefore women farmers tend to have less access to agricultural information and particularly information attuned to their needs. it is clear that changes need to be made to how we manage our land, while at the same time safeguarding our food and farmers’ livelihoods.

CAEPA Cameroon has done extensive work on the implementation of its 2018-2022 strategic Plan. We are in the process of reflection on the way forward for another 5years. CAEPA is looking for two online volunteers. On volunteer will focus on reviewing the previous strategic plan and annual reports and provide a review report and the second volunteer will design tools (semi structured questionnaires, focus group guides) to facilitate the strategic planning process. CAEPA Director will work with online volunteers to provide all the necessary documents and any other support needed by online volunteers. Communication will be via email and or phone using skype, Whatsapp or messenger.

Please, if you are interested in this noble task, submit your CV, and clearly outline how your past expertise and experience in strategic planning will be an asset to the completion of this strategic plan.

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