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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

UNICEF Indonesia in partnership with the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (MOWECP) and key ministries at national and the local governments and civil society organizations is developing a model of prevention and response services to online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA). The project promotes the active engagement of children and young people and caregivers both online and offline as well as enhance community engagement for early detection and early response to OCSEA.

The project capitalizes on an existing program to promote Safe and Friendly Environment for Children (SAFE4C) and linking prevention and response services to achieve sustainable protection results for children, with focus on three action areas in line with the Regional Plan of Action for the Protection of Children from All Forms of Online Exploitation and Abuse in ASEAN as follows:

  1. Strengthen child protection policies, programmes, and services to prevent and respond to OCSEA.
  2. Enhanced engagement of children and their caregivers as active agents12 for preven-tion of OCSEA and adaptive to digital parenting.
  3. Build robust evidence base to inform policies, advocacy and programming to address OCSEA

The UN Volunteer is expected to support in establishing mechanisms to generate and analyze data relevant to OCSEA and related child protection issues as well as finding ways to engage with the ICT industry.

Under the direct supervision of the Child Protection Specialist, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

-Conduct monthly desk reviews on OCSEA and related child protection issues from various sources. -Conduct a mapping of ICT industries in Indonesia, and produce analytical report on how each may contribute to the protection of online child sexual exploitation -Review existing data on problems and potential solutions to OCSEA, and propose best way for future data to be gathered -Identify promising practices to OCSEA that can be adopted, further developed, and scaled up in Indonesia

☒ Accountability ☒ Adaptability and Flexibility ☒ Commitment and Motivation ☒ Communication ☒ Creativity ☒ Empowering Others ☒ Ethics and Values ☒ Integrity ☒ Knowledge Sharing ☒ Respect for Diversity ☒ Self-Management ☒ Technological Awareness ☒ Vision ☒ Working in Teams

(admin) data analysis and drafting info graphics.

ICT literacy required.

Location of the work place

Indonesia is the fourth largest population in the world, with over 266 million people dispersed across 3000+ inhabited islands. Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island of Java. Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political centre and the most populous city not only in Indonesia but in Southeast Asia as a whole. Jakarta is a family duty station with all amenities of a big, modern city. Health facilities in Jakarta are well-equipped, while the quality of medical care is average. The city has several International schools, big shopping centers, restaurants, sports and leisure facilities. Housing situation is expensive but good, with a lot of high-quality apartments and houses in residential areas. Traffic can be extremely congested, however the new MRT subway system has improved circulation in central Jakarta. Air pollution in Jakarta is a concern and UNICEF issues air filters to all staff. Banking services are of acceptable quality. There is a high availability of quality products and household necessities (food, clothing and household equipment).

The Jakarta UNICEF office is situated in the business district with proximity to several major hotels, banks, business, Embassies and other UN Agencies.


We encourage you to visit web page for information on housing in Jakarta. The web page offers information on the different neighborhoods, detailing which ones are close to schools, to the business center, and what is characteristic of each one. The information on the web page is thoroughly researched and rather detailed.

The office can provide contacts to reliable real estate agents who can assist with finding housing. Different types of long-term accommodation are available in Jakarta. These include standalone house and apartment complexes. These could be furnished, fully serviced or unfurnished.

Cost of Living

Please refer to the overall cost of living in Indonesia data as of January 2020 here:


Most of Indonesia area, including Jakarta, security level is Low. Crime in Indonesia is relatively low compared to many other countries in the region. However, Jakarta experiences the same problems associated with large cities throughout the world. Criminal activity is mostly of an opportunist nature, including street petty theft, confidence tricksters, theft of mobile phones and credit card fraud. There have been terrorist attacks in the past.

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