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Poverty, child labour and illiteracy - these three are directly connected and unless efforts are made to break the cycle, it is here to remain for generations. Our target communities are victims of cyclic poverty. The purpose of this project is to break the generational poverty by providing employable skills training to women, and adolescents. The chosen trades are evergreen income-generating activities. The impact of this project is children are educated.

We are looking for a few online volunteers to help us write CSR grant application. The chosen volunteer would be provided with pre-formed questionnaires with word limits. The application would be on providing sustained livelihood to women, menstrual hygiene and creating employment opportunity to youth from the poorest of the poor communities. Each chosen volunteer will be drafting the application on any one of the project components and therefore volunteers would not work as a team. There are twelve questionnaires in the application and the length of the completed application could be around ten pages. We will brief each volunteer about the project concept, its need, and the impact the volunteer would be making in the lives of the poor during our Skype meeting.

Prior experience in writing grant application. Project monitoring especially on skills training, menstrual hygiene

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