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This project directly aims at achieving SDGs 1 and 4 (4.3&4.4). We work in the Rayalaseema region, known for extreme drought and poverty. This generational poverty has made the target communities, especially children and women, victims of child marriages, early school dropouts, and, worst cases, human trafficking. This project will help NCT to realize the objective of reducing poverty among the target communities, especially the indigenous and Dalits communities. And as an online volunteer, you are going to contribute to helping us achieve our objective and better the lives of the poor and the marginalized.

NCT project directly aims at achieving SDGs 1, 5 & 8 and through this project we aim to empower women and girls with employable skills and education to eradicate poverty and to support their children's education. This project will contribute directly to our mission of achieving gender equality especially realizing SDGs 5 in our operation. This is one of our target SDGs that we would like to realize and contribute to the UN SDGs achievement.

To that end, we are looking to collaborate with Online Volunteers to support in writing grant application that would enable us to carry and implement the above project. The project writing will involve extensive research and multiple discussions.

This digital volunteering opportunity is writing a grant application that enables sustainable financial empowerment of women and education to children. Our goal is to provide women with assistance and provide them an opportunity to succeed. Assistance can take many forms; however, our goal is to help them become self-sufficient and enable them to lift themselves out of poverty and provide for their children. Access to education, job training and professional skills, even access to capital in order to build a business are possible ways we will consider helping women to succeed. Grant requests should focus on enabling the women to sustain financial independence. In the same way, Education and/or appropriate skills training are necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

NCT's focus for children will target education and/ or skills training. We are open to many ideas on how to accomplish this goal and look forward to enthusiastic online volunteers who can complete the application and help children achieve their potential.

The selected online volunteers will work on a predefined application form with questionnaires.

Online Volunteers will not be requested to make donations in-kind or financial contributions or to solicit donations from third parties.

  • Prior experience in grant writing
  • Experience of working with vulnerable women groups
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