Write a Grant Application on Gender Occupational Segregation

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NCT project directly aims at achieving SDGs 1, 5 & 8 through this project that aims to train women and girls in employable skills that are usually men get recruited and bring about policy change in the corporate recruitments.. At the microeconomic level, occupational segregation by gender substantially depresses female wages and contributes to the gender wage gap. Occupational employment segregation is fact of life, though women are capable of making it in almost all kinds of employments. This project will contribute directly to our mission of achieving gender equality especially realizing SDGs 5 in our operation. This is one of our target SDGs that we would like to realize and contribute to the UN SDGs achievement.

To that end, we are looking to collaborate with Online Volunteers to support in writing grant application that would enable us to carry and implement the above project. The project writing may involve extensive research and multiple discussions. Please apply only if you understand the gender segregation concept in employment and how it stands against gender equality.

We are looking for Online volunteers who could write a successful proposal for grants. Each volunteer will work independently on this application.

The project is on programs that support women in accessing and being successful in employment occupations and industry labour sectors impacted by gender bias. The project aims at increasing women’s successful labour integration in industries that continue to experience gendered occupational segregation.

The application has predefined 15 questions. PLEASE NOTE, on completion of this volunteer opportunity, you will return the filled-in document to us. The proposal should be less than fifteen pages with much clarity and explicitly explain the input, output, outcomes, and impacts. NCT will not ask the volunteer(s) to apply to any donor/foundation.

Working with SDGs on gender rights/ gender equality. Professional grant writing, project reporting Field experience on women empowerment activities and inclusive growth.

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