Write a Grant application on SRHR with special emphasis on personal menstrual hygiene

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), health, and gender equality are interlinked and reliant on each other. This project intends to challenge and create awareness for women and adolescents on the social and cultural stigma surrounding menstruation, as well as interconnected issues of gender discrimination, marginalization, and inequality. The project approaches menstruation as a matter of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), which recognizes that sexual and reproductive health depends in part upon the realization of the rights that support it. NCT envisages a holistic approach to menstrual health that includes addressing shame, social stigmas and restrictions, and gender inequality, in addition to providing access to bio-degradable menstrual napkins. Our approach includes include comprehensive and community-driven sustained training and education about sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We are looking for four volunteers to help us write a grant application focusing on improving menstrual hygiene and gender rights. Each volunteer will work individually. The application has predefined questions. PLEASE NOTE, on completion of this volunteer opportunity, you will return the filled-in document to us. You will not be asked to submit the application to any donor. Though the topic is familiar, the assignment requires experience in working with women, adolescents, or in the field of social work. The application will deal with two programs: 1. Awareness on gender rights, menstrual hygiene, and community re-learning of gender perspective. 2. Handmade biodegradable sanitary napkins. This will be taken up as part of women's economic empowerment and sustainability. As an organization striving to achieve gender rights, menstrual hygiene plays a crucial role to realise NCT's objectives of Gender-equality and human rights. In the process, both you and NCT contribute to the realization of UNSDGs.

Experience in working with adolescent girls, Experience in menstrual hygiene practices and advocacy Experience in implementing activities on Menstrual and SRHR

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