Volunteer coordination support (3) (remote, online) for Tanzania Development Trust Crowd2Map project

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Volunteer coordination assistance requires giving support to the chairperson of this growing organization. It also contributes to overall smooth running of recruiting and onboarding new volunteers from the UNV system. Volunteer coordination will also organise and liase with current volunteers to understand their needs to run our social media effectively.

This role of coordination support contributes to achieving the SDG's of the Tanzania Development Trust because they will organise the social media team who get the message out on the internet about why its important to end FGM and educates a wider audience about the dangers of FGM. Having a more coordinated volunteer force will enable us to reach more people online, educate more about how important it is for girls to stay in education and be given a choice in their future.

Much of rural Tanzania is extremely poorly mapped, hampering navigation and community development. Improvements made to digital, online maps of Tanzania speed up rescues of girls at risk of FGM. Mapping volunteers - the bulk of volunteers at Crowd2Map - help by tracing roads and buildings from satellite images into OpenStreetMap. Training and feedback given via our Slack channel. A Certificate is issued after volunteers' fulfill the required mapping duties. Volunteers contribute to the team's efforts and learn useful skills.

Volunnteer coordination involves liaising with the chairperson to ensure that volunteer needs of the Crowd2Map project are met.

Coordination support will talk with the volunteers via Slack to monitor their progress and the stability of the volunteer program. Coordination support will involve talking to volunteers via Slack as needed, usually no more than 2 hours per week. At busy peak periods this can be more.

Volunteer coordination could be responsible for up to 10 volunteers at any one time. This number can change based on needs, time of year and various events that we may have during the calendar year.

Coordination support provides assistance in supporting a cohesive volunteer team by formulating ideas for morale building and capacity, with the approval of the chairperson.

Volunteer coordination involves liaising with the media team engagement officer to ensure that there are sufficient social media and media volunteers for the busy December 2022/January 2023 period, and potentially, other peak periods as well.

The expected outcome from this task is that the social media team runs smoothly, there will be enough digital content created and shared and there will be continual review of recruitment taking place through the UNV portal. Volunteer coordination is expected to liase with the chair person to notify them if more recruitment is needed and of what nature.

Must have at least 1 year experience in volunteer coordination assistance, proof of that past work, and preferably, a reference.

Must be a team player, a great communicator, and, be ready to work harmoniously with a large group of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers.

Must value inclusion and equality, as you will be working with wonderful volunteers from all over the world.

Must be interested in advancing the values of Crowd2Map by assisting the volunteers (everyone is a volunteer at Crowd2Map), which is directed at ending FGM in Tanzania.

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