Translate and transcribe interviews from Sudanese-Arabic to English

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SD SS Home-based; Sudan, South Sudan

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The volunteer will be given a number of interviews, in an audio form, that were conducted in colloquial Sudanese-Arabic. The volunteer is to translate and transcribe the interviews, in English. It is essential that the volunteer is fluent in Sudanese-Arabic so as to ensure no details are lost in translation. The selected volunteers will support us in translating 5 interviews with different people. Each interview is divided into an average of around 3 parts (depending on the length of the particular interview). On average, each interview is roughly 2 hours long. This may vary.

  • Translation
  • Translation and interpretation

    At the UNDP Sudan Accelerator Lab, we are currently engaged in a project aimed to preserve and protect indigenous knowledge and indigenous knowledge systems across Sudan. The pilot for this project was introduced in Tutti Island in Sudan. As a result of the major floods Sudan has witnessed throughout history, the people of Tutti as a community have adopted various disaster relief management skills, to prevent the floods from harming the civilians of Tutti. The interviews were conducted with Tutti locals who have experience the communal efforts to minimize the effects of floods.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 6 weeks

    Fluent in Arabic (Specifically colloquial Sudanese-Arabic) Fluent in English Excellent typing skills

  • Sudan

  • English, Arabic
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