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Application deadline 1 year ago: Sunday 20 Jun 2021 at 07:00 UTC

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We are looking for 1 experienced and tech savvy online volunteer to support our organization with the search engine optimization (SEO). The online volunteers will develop a SEO strategy based on SEO best practices, make SEO website copy suggestions and assess our website.

  • Technology development
  • Web and graphic design

    FairBiz is the UNDP’s project for “Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN”. We believe that countries can only achieve their full socio-economic potential if there is a governance environment that enables all businesses to flourish, fairly and with integrity. We bring together stakeholders from government, the private sector and Civil Society Organizations in ASEAN to co-create that environment, supported by technical expertise and other resources. We work in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. FairBiz is strengthening communication efforts, a brand website have been implemented to raise awareness over the project towards existing stakeholders and new potential ones. Now, we do need to support search engine optimization.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 1-5 hours per week / 4 weeks

    Candidates must have previous experience with SEO and be able to provide advice on best practice to maximize SEO.

  • Asia

  • English
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