Social Media Support (remote, online) for Tanzania Development Trust Crowd2Map project

This opening expired 2 months ago.

Application deadline 2 months ago: Monday 28 Nov 2022 at 00:00 UTC

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This is a UNV contract. More about UNV contracts.

Social media volunteers provide support to the media team and chairperson by producing approved content, or publishing already prepared content, on Crowd2Map's website. They also monitor those accounts.

The social media volunteers reproduce already published Crowd2Map materials and materials distributed to them specifically for Crowd2Map's social media platforms. Approval for all published content is to go through the chairperson.

The social media team weekly publish recent promotional and information materials, including those about current campaigns and upcoming events, and information published on the Crowd2Map website.

They are needed to monitor and assist with Crowd2Map's social media for about 10-20 minutes a day.

They communicate any problems to the media engagement officer for actioning.

The task is remote, and may be done from anywhere in the world.

Volunteers are the link between Crowd2Map and the wider public and stakeholders, so applicants should enjoy participating in media and public relations, and their values should align with those of the project.

Must have at least 1 year experience in social media - including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Must be a team player, a great communicator, and, be ready to work harmoniously with a large group of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers.

Must be interested in advancing the values of Crowd2Map by assisting the volunteers (everyone is a volunteer at Crowd2Map), which is directed at ending FGM aiding development via online mapping of remote Tanzania.

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