Social Media Campaign on social issues affecting the world

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The assignment will serve as education and awareness to educate people and gather support to address these issues that is affecting both Papua New Guinea and Cananda. The task falls along in line with MDF ongoing activity which is to carry out drama awareness and public forum awareness on mentioned issues that is affecting the world and the country. The assignment is in line with the Government Medium and Long Term strategies which is to promote women and human rights and to protect and to preserve the environment and to support community development objectives.

MDF requires the service of volunteers who can be able to promote its objective and mission by developing key terms or produce banners and themes on issues on violence against women, climate change, environment degradation or any social issue that is affecting the world today. The task simply involves designing a banner per wee and sharing it on the social media network available. The task involves writing and editing , designing of banners and themes and sharing it on social media

The volunteer must be good in Tik Tok and other social media applications She or he must be able to work towards a set goal and timeframe set. The volunteer must be able be able to communicate in basic English and must be innovative in developing promotional or campaign ideas.

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