Researching and writing the drafts for a thematic portfolio on Local Convergence

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Under its redefined frontier challenges, UNDP Accelerator Lab Philippines (Alab PH) is currently working on six themes, namely, Circular Economy, Local Convergence, Local Inclusive Development/Value Chains, NextGenCities, Digital Financial Inclusion, and Inclusive Innovation.

To promote its innovative work to a wider audience, Alab PH aims to develop a set of written portfolios of its work based on the above-mentioned themes. Such portfolios can be curated from existing concept notes, presentations, reports, submissions, and other content. The thematic portfolios will be used as a knowledge base for both an online-based and printed dossier.

UNDP Accelerator Lab Philippines is looking for one (1) online volunteer to support us in drafting and editing one (1) out of our six (6) thematic portfolios. This assignment will focus on our Local Convergence portfolio which focuses on participatory governance, multi-stakeholder engagements, and SDG 17 (Partnerships) and SDG 2 (Zero Hunger). The volunteer will parse through a collection of documents to capture relevant information which the volunteers will use in drafting each thematic portfolio. A thematic portfolio template is already in place and will define the set of information the volunteer has to look for and include in the draft.

The volunteer will draft the Local Convergence portfolio and work together with a copyeditor in editing the material, with the support of our organization.

Candidates must have relevant experience in writing, research, narrative drafting, and summarizing knowledge products. Candidates must also be able to distill complex concepts and language into content that is easily understood. Experience working with community organizations and development projects will be an advantage.

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