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NCT project directly aims at achieving SDGs 1 and 4 (4.3&4.4) through this project. We work in the Rayalaseema region, known for extreme drought and poverty. This generational poverty has made the target communities, especially children and women, victims of child marriages, early school dropouts, and, worst cases, human trafficking. This project will help NCT to realize the objective of reducing poverty among the target communities, especially the indigenous and Dalits communities. And as an online volunteer, you are going to contribute to helping us achieve our objective and better the lives of the poor and the marginalised. This project aims to empower youth, both those at schools/colleges and those who are illiterate and unemployed with employable skills training, from the under-represented communities, such as indigenous and Dalits communities in India. NCT wants to achieve skill-based economic empowerment in the lives of the youth, with a particular focus on women and adolescent girls.

We are looking for a few volunteers who could write a successful proposal for grants. Each volunteer will work independently on this application. The project is on programs that provide skills and pathways to prepare youth (ages 13 to 30) for long-term success and the future of work. The proposal may include school-based, college, workforce-related training or mentoring to support skill-building and the transition to meaningful employment or self-sufficiency for youth from marginalized communities such as indigenous and Dalits communities. The application has predefined questions. PLEASE NOTE, on completion of this volunteer opportunity, you will return the filled-in document to us. The proposal should be less than fifteen pages with much clarity and explicitly explain the input, output, outcomes, and impacts. NCT will not ask the volunteer(s) to apply to any donor/foundation.

Prior experience in grant writing, Prior experience as a skill trainer

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