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This is a Consultancy contract. More about Consultancy contracts.

Result of Service

The objectie of the consultancy is the management of relations and liaison with partner organizations, including UNDP and Government organizations for the inclusion of technical inputs generated by UNEP into other components of the project and to support capacity building with municipalities, etc., that the project is aiming to influence in the context of Activity 1.1 of the project: "Model for the acceleration and sustainable implementation of PDET initiatives in the Catatumbo subregion.

Responsibilities and activities to be performed by the consultant will include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide technical expertise and guidance for improvements in the context of the Activity 1.1 under UNEP’s responsibility.
  • Liaise with project partners to ensure that technical information is shared in both directions: from partners as needed to fulfil Activity 1.1 objectives, and to partners to fulfil the objectives of other components of the project.
  • Coordinate with UNEP’s project support team, especially with the technical support professional to prepare and present reports to the donor, partners and local and regional entities as necessary.
  • Contribute to the identification and collection of technical information needed to develop Activity 1.1., according to the project development needs and in close coordination with partners and local and regional territorial entities.
  • Participate in meetings with project partners to assess the development of technical activities according to the project objectives in close coordination with UNEP’s team.
  • Fulfil information needs to develop activity 1.1 in close coordination with UNEP's team and with partners as necessary.
  • Act as liaison between UNEP, partners, and local entities to ensure that UNEP’s activities are aligned with other components of the project.
  • Generate working spaces with the consultant team for the adequate progress of Activity 1.1 and actively participate in its development, according to the project schedule.
  • Work in close collaboration with the project’s technical support professional to ensure timely advance of UNEP’s activities and contribute on keeping quality control of products delivered by UNEP.
  • Review technical reports, provide comments and ensure that the reports and products derived from Activity 1.1 meet the highest quality standards.
  • Take an active role in administrative processes associated with the development of Activity 1.1. This includes tasks such as compiling and reviewing documents and reports and managing other related activities.
  • Contribute with the design and implementation of methodologies throughout various project phases, in close collaboration with UNEP’s technical support team.
  • Work in coordination with the project team to achieve the strategic objectives.

Accompanies the project follow-up and monitoring process by: - Contributing to ensure that UNEP’s outputs are shared to partner organizations and local and regional entities. - Advising the inclusion of outputs in other products and phases of the project assuring that UNEP’s outputs are strategically utilized to comply with the project’s objectives. - Advising and accompanying partners in delivering project results and participating in activities oriented to the inclusion of the information produced in planning tools of municipalities and the state agency. - Provide technical follow-up and formulate recommendations aimed at achieving the project's objectives within the estimated timeframe. - Participating in field trips and activities in territory to support capacity building activities with local and regional entities in close collaboration with project partners. - Contribute to the organization of technical meetings, workshops, conferences and other events of the UNEP office in Colombia, in the context of the development of the project. - Promote knowledge management processes in order to facilitate the exchange of information with project partners, the donor, within the organization, the United Nations System in Colombia and any external agent according to the needs and under the guidelines of the Coordinator of the office and the head of the UNEP office in Colombia. - Execute other tasks related to Colombia Office's agenda, as requested by UN Environment Programme Colombia.

Work Location

Bogota, Colombia

Expected duration

6 months contract

Duties and Responsibilities

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. Its mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action.

The UNEP Latin America and the Caribbean Office (LACO), located in Panama City, Panama works closely with the 33 countries of the region and its activities are integrated into the Medium-Term Strategy and the Programme of Work approved by the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA).

Among the projects in the portfolio is the project entitled "Model for the acceleration and sustainable implementation of PDET initiatives in the Catatumbo subregion," which is being executed jointly with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Colombian National Government's Agency for Territorial Renewal (ART).

The project, financed by the Multi-Donor Fund for Sustaining Peace in Colombia, MPTF, seeks to enable the initiatives contained in the eight pillars of the Development Program with a Territorial Approach, PDET, prioritized by the communities of the Catatumbo sub-region and that contribute to the integral transformation of the territory, the well-being of local communities and the sustainable development of the sub-region and the consolidation of peace. UNEP will implement activity 1.1, which consists of: Identify the environmental supply of the territory, understood as the existing goods and services, as a basis for updating the Land Use Plan (POTs) for the implementation of the Development programms with territorial focus( PDET )initiatives included in the Action Plan for the Transformation (PATR )of Catatumbo. The methodological approach to be used will be integral and participatory with a gender and ethnic-differential approach to characterize territorial problems. For this purpose, the approach will be based on the analysis of the Human Spatial Footprint (HFH) of the subregion and the main ecological structure will be identified in order to visualize the state of the natural supply, its potential for community use and service, and to evaluate the impacts of current uses, which is essential for making decisions regarding land use.

It is required, in the above context, to carry out the technical liaison with the project’s partners to ensure that UNEP’s activities and outputs from the technical analysis are included in other components of the project and are used in the capacity building of municipalities and the State.

The person selected for this position as Project Assistant jr will report to the UNEP Representative for Brazil and will work closely with the country team and the UNEP Latin America and Caribbean Office teams, as well as with all UNEP national and international partners in the framework of the project and the activities of the UNEP office in Colombia. This person will be located at the UNEP Offices in Bogota, Colombia and will work 40 hours per week a full-time basis.

Qualifications/special skills

ACADEMIC: - Bachelor’s degree in ecology, geography, biology or forestry engineering is required.

  • Master's degree in ecology, geography, geographic information systems or environmental sciences or related fields. desirable

PROFESSIONAL: - Minimum of 2 years of experience in land use and/or environmental planning, ecology and landscape analysis, mapping of ecosystem services, tools for land management such as human spatial footprint, ecosystem services, main ecological structure, etc is required.


LANGUAGE: - Fluency in Spanish is required. - Confident level in English is derisable - Any other UN Language will be an advantage.

Additional Information

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: - Be computer literate in standard software applications. - Analytical ability to find solutions and solve problems. - Effective communication to receive and share ideas and knowledge. - Ability to work as part of a team. - Ability to adapt to new conditions and situations. - Attention to detail.

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