Preparation of terms of reference, and monitoring of the implementation of 3 websites, one for each of the 2 Unions of Municipalities (Al Bouhayra and Bcharre) and one for Baalbek-Hermel Gov

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The LHSP “Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme”, is a multi-year broadly platform promoting social stability, inclusion, leadership of communities and working on an ‘Area Based Development Programme’ (acting at municipal and cluster level) providing capital investments, one which targets specific geographical areas characterized by a complex development problem through a conflict sensitive integrated, inclusive, participatory, and horizontal-vertical flexible approach that generate a Local Action Plan.

LHSP is conducting pilot activity in 2 Unions of Municipalities, namely Al Bouhayra Union in Bekaa Governorate and Bcharre Union in North Lebanon Governorate within the local governance capacities development to better address the crisis in their communities.

The project will add several governance elements to the existing LHSP programme’s implementation model, with a view to (objective) “improve building trust between communities and local governments”, improving impact and sustainability and enhancing the overall effectiveness of local governments in selected areas in Lebanon to service their constituents at this critical time.

Within a batch of several activities required, the UNDP is looking to support the 2 Unions of Bouhayra & Bcharre in developing a website for each, to enhance transparency and access to information. The website should serve as a platform for the community members and local NGOs, CBOs and CSOs, since it is a crucial element in curbing city level corruption as it gives citizens access to relevant information, increases citizen engagement with the government.

Furthermore, under another intervention LHSP aims to support Baalbek-Hermel Governorate in developing a website to enhance collaboration/communication and information sharing. The website should act as a hub for the Governorate, unions and municipalities, tourists, citizens, and beneficiaries whereby it will serve as a guide for users to view all information related to the Governorate.

Duties and Responsibilities

UNDP solicits the services of a consultant who will be tasked to carry out the following activities:

  1. Perform the necessary assessments with the beneficiaries and in coordination with UNDP to identify the needs and requirements of the websites and match the findings with the objectives the project.
  2. Prepare terms of reference for the service provider that will develop the three websites, this should include information such as but not limited to:
    • Specify the technical specifications of the website, including web and mail hosting services requirements, security requirements, data base requirements, prototypes requirements, among others as deemed necessary.
    • Specify the technical service provider qualifications should include previous experience requirements, staff requirements and their qualifications, financial requirements, among others as deemed necessary.
    • Specify the expected deliverables and describe in detail the different milestones with relevant time frames and payment terms required for each milestone to achieve the objectives of the project (work plan, prototype, conduct training, final report)
    • Evaluation criteria should describe in detail the methodology that will be used for the evaluation of the offers with a grading system.
  3. Estimating of the indicative cost of the three websites implementation.
  4. Proposing names and contacts of some potential service providers.
  5. Assist UNDP with the technical and financial evaluation of the offers received from the service providers.
  6. Assist UNDP with the follow up with the service provider and the beneficiaries throughout the implementation of the project.
  7. Review the deliverables submitted by the service provider.
  8. Participate in the testing and handover to ensure that the product is compliant with the specifications and fully operational.
  9. Submission of a final report.


  • All requested deliverables shall be written and submitted in English.

Required Skills and Experience

At least a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or direct relevant field.

II. Years of experience:

  • Five (5) years’ experience in field of website development.
  • The Consultant has worked on Three (3) similar projects/activities in nature to the project stated in this TOR such as the development of ToR for website development.

III. Technical experience:

  • Solid experience in the context of websites development and technical needs.
  • Proven experience in working in remote areas and communities.
  • understanding of and ability to relate with a specific culture/religion, knowledge of a local dialect, etc.

Note :

The application must include all of the following Mandatory documents:

  1. P11,
  2. Technical Proposal****,
  3. Annex 3 (Offerors Letter) and
  4. Financial proposal

- Please refer to the link : to reach the above documents

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