Pencil sketch illustrations (traditional or digital) for a narrative report

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UNDP provides policy and technical advisory support to the Government of Malaysia in accordance with the current Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) as approved by the Cabinet. The current Country Programme Action Plan, now extended to 2023 is aligned to the development priorities of the 11th Malaysia Plan with sustainable human development agenda at the forefront, underpinned by three priority areas: (a) inclusive development and growth; (b) sustainable and resilient development; and (c) governance.

UNDP Malaysia is transitioning into a new CPAP aligned with the 12th Malaysia Plan. UNDP Malaysia is producing a public-facing report, the “Work in Progress” to communicate narratives about UNDP work in the past CPD cycle and link these to Malaysia’s current and future sustainable development needs. The report differs from traditional UNDP reports in that it builds around creative writing and other storytelling tools, supplemented by accessible commentary and analysis.

UNDP Malaysia is looking for support to illustrate the narratives—told from the perspective of project partners and beneficiaries—in the report, “Work in Progress.” These illustrations will be used to bring narratives to life and to add dimensions to the story that are better communicated visually. In keeping with the theme of “work in progress,” the illustrations will take the form of unfinished pencil sketches.

We are looking for five Online Volunteer/s who, under the guidance of David Tan, Head of Experimentation, Accelerator Lab and in close collaboration with the report team, support us by producing up to five pencil sketch illustrations (per volunteer). The visuals should:

  • follow a traditional, fine art style, sketches of people and environments (both domestic and outdoors). Digital artists are required to use 'pencil' brushes, and fine art artists are required to scan the respective pieces. Recommended free brushes include ones similar to Procreate's Sketching: 6B Pencil and HB Pencil;

  • be unfinished, reflecting the “work in progress” theme;

  • minimise shading and contouring, including added textures unless necessary for the details such as hair, wrinkles, distinct features, etcetera;

  • follow a monochrome palette that will permit 1 pop of colour (subjected to the duotone colour palette for the chapter the illustration belongs to).

Reference art samples will be provided.

The Online Volunteer/s will have the opportunity to build connections with the UNDP Accelerator Lab and report team at UNDP Malaysia and learn about various sustainable development initiatives UNDP is undertaking in Malaysia.

We welcome candidates from any background. Candidates will be evaluated based on artwork portfolio—please include this in your application. Competency with pencil sketches (traditional or digital) is a must. The following are considered assets: a recommendation from a former client, detailing candidate’s competency and ability to deliver under pressure; and any formal certification in art, graphic design or related field.

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