Documenting a Local Project Appraisal Committee Meeting

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A volunteer will be engaged to document substantive discussions and ensure that inputs, queries, comments, and elaborations on workshop outputs are covered. He/She will draft and finalise the workshop documentation reports and consolidate and save reports, presentations, workshop outputs, and photos in a Google or OneDrive folder.

  • Writing and editing
  • Public information and reporting

    In June 2019, the project concept for the proposal “Implementing the National Framework on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge in the Philippines” was approved by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). It aims to strengthen the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol (NP) in the Philippines by strengthening the national Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) framework. It also seeks to increase economic opportunity and biodiversity conservation for local communities and indigenous peoples in the Philippines stemming from fair and equitable sharing of biodiversity benefits. As part of the project management design phase of UNDP, a Local Project Appraisal Committee (LPAC) is convened for the purpose of reviewing the proposed project’s quality against UNDP’s quality standards for programming and determine the capacity of the implementing partner to deliver before the project approval. Specifically, the LPAC will review and discuss key issues and decision by members to recommend approval, rejection or revision of the proposed project. Additionally, the meeting will also include a brief presentation of the project.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 11-20 hours per week / 1 weeks

    A working computer or laptop with access to internet. Has experience documenting workshops and meetings with excellent report writing skills, and attention to details. Report must be submitted 5 days after the conduct of the meeting

  • Philippines

  • English, Filipino
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