Develop a Project Proposal to support rural women cooperative movements

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NCT has been working with the rural women communities living in the drought prone regions of Andhra Pradesh since 2009. To further our outreach towards economic empowerment with the objectives of financial sustainability to their own families and sustained education to their children, NCT envisages to set up rural women cooperative movements. The selected volunteer will be provided with materials such as reports, website contents etc to better understand the context we work in. All communications will be by email, Skype or MS Team.

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust (NCT) works among the drought prone regions of Andhra Pradesh, helping rural women come out of the cyclic poverty that has been affecting generation and have independence and leadership. Economic empowerment leads to supporting their children in school. For this purpose, NCT looks at forming women cooperative groups where they embark on generating income on a common initiative. This help them share skills, technical know-how, and pull their resources together for the common good. We look for volunteers to help developing a project proposal which defines the kind of cooperative ideas the women will develop keeping mind the long term impact and the feasibility of sustainability. Examples of cooperative activities will be bee farming, production of environmental friendly bags, basket weaving from bamboo, or invasive reeds, readymade dress making - to name a few. Volunteers task is only to work on project proposal, while the organization will use it to contact potential funding sources. A general outline of the project application will be provided to the selected volunteers

Project development, project planning, research, budgeting, content writing, proofreading and any relevant skill.

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