Data Gathering and Visualization on International Trade in Pacific


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The relatively limited resources of the Pacific island countries make country-to-country trade links an important channel for meeting supplies and promoting geographic development. As a PNG-based NGO, MDF is committed to promoting community development; that also focus on geographic economic development.

To that end, MDF is conducting research on the topic of economic development in Pacific Island countries. The objective of the research is to attain supporting materials and references for MDF's current projects and mission goals which are to support and develop local and urban communities in PNG which extensively contributes to advancing the SDGs implementation in PNG, specifically goal no. 8.

Thus, we are seeking to collaborate with Online Volunteers through this virtual assignment. The task involves combining publicly available resources from academic and government websites, analysing the lack of material resources and the abundance of resources in each country based on the industrial chain of PNG and other Pacific Island countries, and organising them into a visual table for our reference.

To that end, we are seeking the support of Online Volunteers, specifically to support the following tasks:

  • First volunteer to collect resource information and data on Pacific island countries online around the topic of international trade. The volunteer will need to use the collection and then categorise them by subject. This data is relevant to the economic development and trade flows of Pacific Island countries and is best presented with visualisations in the references.

  • Second volunteer to combine the information into a visualisation table. That is, based on the tasks completed by the first volunteer, the qualitative and quantitative information collected is made into a visualisation table or graphic.

  • Third and fourth volunteers will be assigned to review and add or revise relevant information and data.

  1. Proficient in the use of Google Scholar and other literature databases for collection;
  2. Skilled in the operation of Excel tables and figure drawing software and have a certain understanding of data.
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