Cross check and review audit report, providing accounting and financial advice and recommendation


Application deadline in 8 days: Friday 19 Aug 2022 at 00:00 UTC

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The assignment is inline with MDFs objective to sustain its work by bringing revenues to sustain its activities to meet the Government and the UN Development Goals. In collaboration with MDF contact person the volunteer review a audit report, provdie recommendation and guidance for a smooth operation

MDF requires the service of two volunteers who will be able to provide imminent and professional accounting and financial advice in book keeping and audting. The volunteer together with the contact perosn for MDF will work towards a objective to help the Foundation built its capacity in Book keeping and financial management The task will be carried within one week and the volunteers will be certified when the assignment is completed

Accouunting, book keeping and reviewing a audit report Masters in Finance or accounting Must have knowledge in good accounting procedure Must be computer literate Must be able to work towards a set deadline

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