Analysis of Mangrove Cover Mapping and Biomass Estimation Using Remote Sensing

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Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Papua New Guinea and was established to promote sustainable community development initiatives and thereby address several exigent issues – ranging from environmental conservation to women's rights – that are hindering the progress of the country.

A few of our ongoing projects focus on the applications of various remote sensing technologies for monitoring forest biomass, tracking land use and change patterns, evaluating climate change impacts, and conserving sea turtle habitats. MDF intends to collect detailed environmental data for its project that will enable better land use and disaster preparedness, promote eco-tourism, and enhance local community skills through engagement in conservation activities.

Remote sensing in particular is crucial for accurately mapping inaccessible areas like Morobe's reserve land and coastal enclaves. It is also essential for monitoring natural resources and assessing environmental changes, thereby supporting conservation efforts. With this remote sensing exercise, MDF's project will also be able to contribute to several SDGs, including Climate Action (SDG 13), Life on Land (SDG 15), and Life Below Water (SDG 14), by promoting sustainable ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation.

To that end, we are currently looking for three online volunteers with experience in handling remotely sensed satellite and drone data who can help us with Mangrove Cover Mapping and Above-ground Biomass estimation (approximately 15-20 hours per week). Specifically, the Online Volunteers will be tasked to support MDF's current project in Morobe, which is to Map a Reserve Land and coastal enclave. Upon completion of the task, the volunteer will receive a certificate of appreciation issued by UNV.

Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is looking for three online volunteers who have expertise in handling remotely sensed satellite and drone data (such as open-source satellite imagery, Orthomosaic Map, 3D models or point cloud, Elevation Maps, Digital terrain models, Digital surface models, Topographic), related software (such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Agisoft etc) and a background in the field of remote sensing, forestry (especially mangrove ecosystems), climate, or related fields.

Selected volunteers would be expected to perform Mangrove Cover Mapping, shoreline analysis, and Above-ground Biomass estimation using remotely sensed Drone and Satellite Data along with field data for a chosen site in Papua New Guinea. Experience with machine learning, data fusion, and/or deep learning is preferred.

Specifically, each volunteer will be assigned with one of the following tasks: 1. review the maps from the drone survey, 2. perform remote sensing, and 3. use the field data we present to estimate biomass.

The results of this project will be included in a peer-reviewed journal article, and based on the level of contributions, the online volunteers will be acknowledged (with a certificate) and/or invited to be co-authors.

The ideal candidates should have: - demonstrated experience with handling remotely sensed satellite and drone data (such as open-source satellite imagery, Orthomosaic Map, 3D model or point cloud, Elevation Map, Digital terrain model, Digital surface model, Topographic), - related software (such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Agisoft, etc), and - have a PhD or Master’s degree or equivalent (e.g. bachelor's degree with 3+ years) in an area related to remote sensing, forestry (especially mangrove ecosystems), meteorology, climate change, or related fields, - good communication and be very attentive, responsive, and proactive, as our projects are very fast-paced.

Please apply with your CV, which includes a section (~200-300 words) highlighting your experience and why you would be the best candidate for this role. Without the aforementioned information, the application will not be reviewed for consideration.

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