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Frontier Tech Leaders Programme starts the third global Machine Learning Bootcamp cohort in July with 2 weeks long Python training. The volunteers are expected to complete their preparations before the training and deliver 3 live classes in English starting from July 18th.

The Python course volunteer is expected to

  1. Conduct a minimum of 4 online sessions in English starting from July 18th. 1st week will be onboarding week for the volunteer.

  2. Cover "Python for Everybody" Course topics and ensure a comprehensive understanding among students.

  3. Possess advanced knowledge of Python to effectively convey complex concepts.

  4. Demonstrate practical skills through live coding sessions.

  5. Develop and prepare assignments that reinforce the concepts covered in the sessions.

  6. Provide a pre-recorded demo for each session.

  7. Dedicate sufficient time for preparation, teaching, and interaction with students (Evening sessions during the weekdays and morning sessions on the weekend)

  8. Minimum a senior year student, ideally a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or in a relevant field, with strong programming background.

  9. Teaching experience.

  10. A high level of proficiency in Python.

  11. Strong coding skills.

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