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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

United Nations Volunteers Programme, by agreement with the UN Department of Operational Support (DOS) and Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO), deploys UN Volunteers to support DOS/DPKO peace operations in a range of countries. Within this framework, UNV maintains a Field Office to support UNISFA (United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei).

Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Facilities & Environmental Management Unit, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks: •Design and supervise the construction of water supply and sanitation projects. •Supervise the installation, operation, maintenance of water treatment plants including training of water treatment plant operators. •Supervise the installation, operation, maintenance of wastewater treatment plants including training of wastewater treatment plant operators. •Plan the installation and scheduled maintenance of all the installations and equipment related to water supply; wastewater treatment; treated wastewater reuse and/or disposal; sanitation and water treatment systems. •Oversee emergency works and repairs of various water supply, water treatment, sanitation and wastewater treatment systems carried out by contractors. Monitor the quality of contractor’s works and draft the performance evaluation reports. •Prepare and analyze the reports related to the performance of water equipment in the field including boreholes, pumps, main supply, storage tanks and distribution networks. Analyze and generate action items from the Camp Services contractors in relation to water treatment and usage. •Prepare and analyze reports related to wastewater treatment and effluent management. Analyze and generate action items from the Camp Services contractors in relation to wastewater management. •Inspect the operation, repair and maintenance of water and wastewater equipment through the Mission provided software (e.g. i-Auditor) and follow up with operators on actions needed. •Analyze critical data emanating from the Mission’s IOT infrastructure (e.g. on water consumption per person or per camp) and take needed actions on conservation or timely repairs/replacements. • Monitor and ensure adequate stock levels of spare parts for water supply, water & wastewater treatment and sewerage works and control panels as well as necessary tools and equipment, and provide lists of periodic requirements of same well in advance for the purpose of raising requisitions. • Collect water and wastewater samples and send them to the Mission laboratory and/or third-party laboratory for testing. Consolidate and review periodic chemical and bacteriological analysis of water and treated wastewater effluent and recommend improvements. • Assist in preparation of scope of works for water and wastewater systems by providing field-based inputs. •Review work orders or job tickets, recommend for approval and initiate requisitions assign the job tickets as and when required or provide materials or services if the tickets are for that purpose. Coordinate works as necessary with engineering and facilities management counterparts in specialized technical areas. •Periodically review the Mission’s job tickets tool (e.g. Comindware) to see and follow up on outstanding tickets. •Perform scheduled and unscheduled inspections of camps to assess the status of assets and equipment. Periodically join the Property Management Unit to assess the status of UN and contingent equipment and assets. •Prepare technical reports and write-offs of beyond economic repair assets and equipment. •Utilize global contracts for onward management of recycled materials. •Reduce operational resource consumption. •Testing of Water and Wastewater as per guidance and SOP. •Procurement and purchase of additional required equipment’s and prepare emergency crisis and rainy season engineering materials for standby at warehouse and team sites. •Development of boreholes and wastewater treatment plants at the new JBVMM camps; and additional boreholes at water stressed camps.

• Perform other related relevant duties as and when required including emergency call-out and standby duties.

Accountability, Client Orientation, Integrity, Working in Teams

progressively responsible experience in the design and/or construction supervision of Water Supply, Wastewater or Sanitation projects is required. Required experience in the monitoring of quality construction, repair, maintenance and skills and operation of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants is an experience advantage. Also familiarity of IOT (internet of things), job/work ticketing software and maintenance software will be added advantage. The minimum years of relevant experience is reduced

Living conditions and other remarks General: This assignment is based in the UNISFA Sector in Kadugli - Sudan. Currently this duty station is designated as non-family. The average rainy season temperature is 30°C and temperatures in the dry season average 37°C. Accommodation: Due to the security situation in Kadugli, coupled with the fact that there are limited residential accommodation options in the community that meet UN security and safety standards for staff, expatriate UN staff deployed to Abyei, Kadugli are generally provided secured UN accommodation in a camp-style environment. The UN-provided accommodation is equipped with minimum room furniture and is configured as single room with bath and toilet facilities either attached to the accommodation or shared close to the accommodation. Power and water (including purified water) is provided inside the camp by the UN. As per OHRM rules, a reasonable cost recovery for accommodation is made from VLA. Food and Diet: There is a UN managed cafeteria inside the UN Camp in Kadugli. The standard and quality of food is limited with a repetitious daily menu. Wide varieties of food are not available and may not be to the personal taste of UNVs. Volunteers may wish to cook their own meals in common kitchen facilities situated at convenient locations within the camp or kitchenettes attached to the Volunteer’s accommodation. This would require the volunteer to obtain basic cooking items such as saucepans, fry pans, plates, knives, etc. Health: UN Volunteers should be aware that they could be exposed to a number of tropical diseases and should complete all medical formalities specified in the Offer or Travel Advisory before traveling. Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory before coming to the mission area, while vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Tetanus/Diptheria, Polio, COVID-19 and Meningitis are recommended if confirmed by the volunteer’s physician. UN Volunteers, like other international personnel, are to bring their Vaccination Card to the mission. Malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended. Due to large numbers of various types of insects in the mission area, it is also recommended to use insecticide-impregnated nets and insect repellants. UN personnel have access during working hours to a Civilian Clinic (Level 1) inside the UN troops Camp at Kadugli Rest and Recuperation: International personnel in Kadugli , including UN volunteers, are entitled to a 8-week Rest and Recuperation (R&R) cycle. This means that after every 8 weeks of being in the mission area, the volunteer is entitled to take a break in either Entebbe (UNISFA designated R & R location) or any other destination outside the mission area. The entitlement is 5 calendar days R&R, 1 day official (Admin) and 2 travel days. The UN flight from Kadugli to Abyei or any other deployed site in the mission area to Entebbe can be used for free (return flight). However, personnel are responsible for their accommodation, meals and any other expenses while on R&R. R & R trips must be approved by the supervisor. https://www.unv.org/

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