Support in research and manuscript writing related to climate change, forest restoration, blue carbon

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Morobe Development Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Papua New Guinea and was established to promote sustainable community development initiatives and thereby address several exigent issues – ranging from environmental conservation to women's rights – that are hindering the progress of the country. A few of our ongoing projects focus on applications of various state-of-the-art technologies (such as remote sensing and machine learning) for monitoring forest biomass, tracking land use, and land change patterns, evaluating climate change impacts, and conserving sea turtle habitats.

Further, this assignment will also support MDF to acquire grants to implement projects in areas of environmental conservation and sustainability (where MDF has undertaken several projects in the past couple of years) and the takeaways from these globally focused endeavors would be streamlined to serve the needs of PNG communities. Some of our recent publications can be found here:

We are currently looking for Online Volunteer with experience in grant/report/article writing, who can help us with manuscript writing related to the topic “climate change”.

We are looking for Online Volunteer who have experience in research with excellent writing skills. The task will include the following responsibilities: -Review of literature for three projects related to climate change, forest restoration, and blue carbon (will be assigned based on interest and previous experience), followed up with manuscript writing.

The Online Volunteer is expected to dedicate approximately 11-15 hours per week to carry out this assignment.

Candidates should have strong research and analytical skills. Background knowledge and working experience in natural resource management/forestry are desirable. A degree in a related field is considered an asset.

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