Review a Concept Idea to Create a Key Biodiversity Conservation Area in PNG


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MDF is seeking to collaborate with online volunteers to support in the conception of developing a biodiversity conservation area, one of MDF ongoing project in Papua New Guinea. This project intends to support the community development efforts and initiatives implemented by MDF that will also contribute to address climate and environmental issues in Papua New Guinea and beyond.

To do so, MDF intends to submit the concept idea of this project to the Papua New Guinea Biodiversity and Climate Fund (BCF) for funding support, of which the mission of the Fund is “... to catalyze financial and technical resources to enable present and future generations of Papua New Guineans to protect the country’s biodiversity and build resilience in the face of climate change”. The Fund’s purpose is to mobilize and manage funding and channel financial resources and technical assistance to conserve biodiversity and address climate change, by: ● Promoting and supporting effective and sustainable management of existing and future protected areas and other key biodiversity areas through effective conservation measures; ● Fostering climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives, focusing on nature/ecosystem-based solutions; ● Supporting sustainable development activities that deliver conservation outcomes and climate benefits and contribute to the economic well-being of the people of PNG - including customary landowners - while lessening the dependence on activities that degrade the environment; ● Increasing knowledge and understanding of biodiversity and climate issues by raising public awareness, promoting environmental education, and supporting field based research; ● Building the capacity of local stakeholders to manage and implement biodiversity, climate, and economic development projects carried out in harmony with conservation objectives; and ● Supporting the country’s efforts to meet its national, regional, and global conservation and climate commitments.

With the share and aligned mission between MDF and the Funds, this will be an excellent opportunity for MDF to continue its initiatives and projects for the local community in PNG. To that end, MDF is seeking the support of online volunteers through this assignment.

MDF requires the support of three online volunteers whom will be assigned with the role of: a) Researching b) Drafting the a concept idea, and c) Reviewing and editing the final concept idea.

These tasks are needed to support the concept idea which will be developed by MDF and submitted to the BCF Fund. Overall, the task involved research, writing and editing which will be done at a period of four weeks where the volunteers involved will be certified accordingly through the UNV platform after the completion of the task.

MDF requires three online volunteers with skills in writing proposal, have experience in environment and conservation and have worked with a conservation fund or NGO during the last 5 years. Must be familiar with the process to acquire biodiversity conservation license or gazette and making a key biodiversity conservation area legal by law according to international and Papua New Guinea's conservation law.

PhD students studying environment and conservation are strongly encouraged to apply.

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