Literature Review: Mechanisms of Green Finance Driving ESG Dimensions

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The Morobe Development Foundation Inc. (MDF) recognises the importance of green finance as a key driver for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, which are crucial for sustainable development. To further explore this vital area, MDF is initiating a research project titled "Literature Review: Mechanisms of Green Finance Driving ESG Dimensions."

This project aims to dissect and analyse the intricate mechanisms through which green finance influences ESG dimensions, thereby contributing to sustainable and ethical business practices. The results of this literature review will serve as a reference for local community development in PNG. The study is also aligned with and will extensively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those focusing on sustainable economic growth and responsible consumption. Understanding these mechanisms is essential for MDF as it seeks to advocate for and implement sustainable finance practices within its projects and partnerships.

To that end, MDF is seeking to collaborate with Online Volunteers under this assignment, particularly through literature review on green financing and ESG dimensions, as our reference to the implementation of our local community development projects in PNG.

To accomplish this project, MDF is looking for three online volunteers, each tasked with a specific aspect of the literature review:

  1. Green Finance Focus on gathering and analysing literature specific to green finance. This includes reviewing various financial instruments, policies, and models that support ESG dimensions and understanding how they contribute to sustainable development. This task is to collect online literature that summarise and brings together the literature around the management of green finances through the collection of literature on academic websites.

  2. ESG Dimensions Analyse literature related to ESG dimensions in the context of green finance. This volunteer will focus on understanding how green financial practices impact environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and governance ethics. By analysing the literature, the successful cases of green finance are analysed for their advantages and disadvantages as well as how they can be of relevance and value to the management of NGO's in Pacific Island countries.

  3. Consolidation of Collected Literatures Review Compile and edit the research findings into a comprehensive literature review. This role involves coherently organising the collected information, ensuring clarity and continuity, and drawing insightful conclusions relevant to MDF's mission. Based on the success of the above tasks, the above results are written as a literature review for our reference.

Solid understanding of green finance and ESG dimensions. Demonstrated experience in conducting literature reviews and academic research. Ability to work collaboratively in a remote setting. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Strong organisational and time-management skills. Commitment to the values of sustainable development and MDF's mission. Ability to analyse and synthesise complex information into actionable insights.

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