Research to support UNDP Sudan growing Darfur's dairy sector

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SD Home-based; Sudan

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UNDP Sudan's partnerships team is seeking a small group of volunteers to conduct research into relevant partners and organizations who may be interested in joining efforts to boost Darfur's dairy sector. Globally, we are exploring potential collaborative efforts with innovation networks, dairy/food sector innovation hubs, private sector companies, dairy producers and innovators, and media. Volunteers will be briefed on the nature of the efforts, and asked to quickly conduct online/web-based research into potential organisations and key stakeholders. Volunteers will be expected to make submissions to an organisational tracker.

  • Research
  • Food safety and nutrition

    UNDP Sudan is seeking creative solutions from global innovators to stimulate dairy sector growth in Sudan’s crisis-affected Darfur region. In Sudan, UNDP responds to developmental challenges created by a lack of basic services, a history of conflict, economic challenges, and inequality. The contributions of volunteers will directly support UNDP Sudan's work, and its staff, assisting the people and Government of Sudan through their transition and development.

  • Volunteers: 4 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 2 weeks

    Strong experience with web-based/online research, including search engines, LinkedIn. Strong knowledge of English is essential. Knowledge of Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese or other UN languages is an asset.

  • Sudan

  • English
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