Proofreading of Spanish Volunteer for Events (V4E) Signature Documents (75 pages)

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UNV's Volunteer for Events (V4E) Service Line seeks to develop a service that results in innovative volunteer solutions for partners. The project aims to deliver a fully-fledged corporate modus-operandi supported by policies, system and tools. UNV will provide a diversified menu of services to partners accompanied by communication products. Delivery of the Service Line to date has relied on ad-hoc efforts, without the support of fully-systematized business applications. UNV must ensure the quality and further development of its services and capacity to respond to the needs of partners. To this end, we require one Online Volunteer to help us with proofreading and editing three documents of about 25 pages each. The Online Volunteer will be responsible for proofreading the Spanish translations of the English original. The documents will be emailed to the selected Online Volunteer for proofreading and editing.

  • Writing and editing
  • Translation and interpretation

    Based on UNV's Strategic Framework volunteering for events paves the way to enlarge the scope of support, facilitation and integration of volunteerism into international, national and regional events and into national practices and policies. A talent solution such as volunteering for events would expand the opportunities for people to contribute to the work of UN partners by: responding rapidly and effectively to meet the needs and interests of UN partners through deployment of Event Volunteers to support events organized by UN Entities; and enhancing UN partners' capacities by supplementing existing volunteer talent solutions. In this context the Volunteer Solutions Section (VSS) has developed the Service Line 'Volunteers for Events' (V4E) to provide partners with management and organizational support for large-scale events and international, national and regional conferences. The Service Line follows three main objectives: generate knowledge and assemble evidence for integrating volunteerism into the 2030 Agenda; strengthen the volunteer infrastructure; and increase volunteer mobilization. The proofreading and editing will help us to broaden the outreach of this service line.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 4 weeks

    Candidates should have professional background in proofreading and editing and should be a Spanish native speaker with an excellent command of English. Previous experience in proofreading and editing would be an additional asset. General understanding of volunteerism, event management and global development issues is important.

  • Global

  • English, Spanish
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