Manage MDF Account in UVP for Collaboration with Online Volunteers

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MDF has been supported by Online Volunteers, engaged through the UNV's Unified Volunteer Platform (UVP), for a long time to undertake various research supports related to the environment - forest cover loss, land use land cover change, the influence of various parameters on surface waters, and coastal shoreline turtle habitat loss.

With the expanded scope of community development projects that MDF takes, the number of Online Volunteers support that MDF needs has also been increasing. Thus, we are seeking to collaborate with online volunteers to help MDF to operate efficiently and effectively in managing the host entity account in UNV Unified Volunteer Platform (UVP) and to continue its collaboration with Online Volunteers through UVP. The assignment is necessary to support MDF in achieving its objectives which is to collaborate with expert online volunteers form around the word to build its capacity and support MDF's project in developing the rural communities in Papua New Guinea and contribute to the SDGs.

MDF requires the support of 3 online volunteers who ca manage the platform, create and submit new opportunities, and provide feedback to online volunteers at the end of the assignment to certify the online volunteers through the UVP.

The online volunteers will be required to support under MDF's supervision and perform this assignment in accordance with the UNV Online Volunteering guidelines.

The online volunteers will be certified through the UVP after the completion of this task and will be issued a reference from the Foundation accordingly.

MDF requires the support of individuals who have qualification and experience in Human Resource and Information Technology.

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