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This is a UNV International Youth contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Youth contracts.

The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) of the UN Capital Development Fund provides a country-based mechanism to increase awareness and response to climate change at the local level, integrate climate change adaptation into local governments’ planning and budgeting systems in a participatory and gender-sensitive manner, and increase the amount of finance available to local governments for climate change adaptation. LoCAL combines performance-based climate resilience grants (PBCRGs) with technical and capacity-building support. It uses a demonstration effect to trigger local adaptation flows, including national fiscal transfers and global climate finance for local authorities, through their central governments. As of today, 32 countries are represented at the LoCAL Board, of whom 25 are LDCs, 6 are SIDS and 19 from Africa. Since its global scale up in 2014, LoCAL has engaged more than 300 local governments in 18 countries representing over 11.5 million people. Between 2014 and 2021, LoCAL mobilized USD 125 million through PBCRG, TA and operational support to member countries for subnational adaptation action. During the same period, 1600+ climate change adaptation interventions were financed across 12 countries. LoCAL Senegal has been officially launched the 1st July 2022 and will be implemented from September 2022 onwards with a pilot of two communes for one year. LoCAL Senegal is located in Dakar and supervised the Global Management Team and collaborates with the UNCDF regional office based in Dakar. For this position, the Junior Programme Officer will be under the daily supervision of the Programme Specialist P4 based in Brussels in charge of the Senegal supervision, with the general supervision of the Global Climate Facility Manager P5. Working closely with the Programme Specialist and in collaboration with the UNCDF regional office, the Junior Programme Officer will contribute to the effective preparation and delivery of the Programme’s activities, covering all the expected results. In carrying out his/her work, the Junior Programme Officer will work closely with national counterparts, the donor(s) and the other implementing partners to ensure the good delivery of the action, the reporting, and the monitoring and evaluation. The Junior Programme Officer will be part of the network of 30 country LoCAL country programmes and benefit from the links with this network.

Under the daily supervision of the Programme Specialist of the Global Management Team, with the general supervision of the Global Climate Facility Manager and in close collaboration with the UNCDF regional office and the national counterparts, the Junior Programme Officer will contribute to the daily implementation of the project, including overall gender-sensitive planning, oversight and monitoring of project implementation and substantive and financial reporting. The Junior Programme Officer will provide technical, policy, and programming implementation support for the effective deployment of LoCAL in Senegal, and is also expected to contribute actively to partnership buildings efforts and outreach activities on an ongoing basis.

Programme management (50%) • Assist the Programme Specialist to provide effective programme and project design, supervision, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, in close collaboration with the Programme Specialist and in close collaboration with the other members of the Global Management Team and of the UNCDF regional office in Dakar ; • Contribute to project management daily activities (ex. writing terms of reference, memoranda of understanding, letter of agreement, recruitment and management of consultants), including organization of field missions; • Assist in strengthening the quality of monitoring and evaluation systems of program developments and implementation (including preparation and monitoring of the annual work plan, participation in field missions, filing the logical framework, contribution to the preparation of annual reports), identify problems and issues to be addressed and propose corrective actions, and identify and track follow-up actions; • Contribute to the organization of events, meetings, conferences, etc., including proposing agenda topics, identifying participants, preparation of documents and presentations, etc.

Partnership/Network Building, Outreach and Resource Mobilization (20%) • Support the Programme Specialist and UNCDF LoCAL Global management team on the development of resource mobilization strategies, in cooperation with United Nations agencies and implementing partners in targeted countries; • Support partnership building efforts for effective positioning in the UN System and with development partners networks; • Liaise with relevant parties and maintain close working relationship with key stakeholders at various levels by building linkages and networks; • Support the identification of opportunities for collaboration with key actors and support the development of partnerships. • Support the process of preparation, design, submission and approval of programme/project concepts and full-fledged proposals for financing

Operational support (20%) • Contribute to operations activities, including finance, planning, human resources, procurement, transport, IT, security, administration and ensure they follow UNCDF’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures; • Support the strengthening of the quality of operational services and activities delivered by the programme and support implementation of budget, financial, procurement, and project personnel, in close collaboration with regional colleagues.

Knowledge management and communication (10%) • Support capacity building activities including identifying, analyzing, documenting, harmonizing and disseminating both national and local issues as well as conditions and best practices and lessons learned among partners. Capacity building activities will include coordinating meetings, workshops and seminars with project management teams, government, partners and other stakeholders; • Prepare various written outputs and knowledge products, e.g. draft background papers, analyses, sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications, etc.; • Contribute to the implementation of the Communication and Visibility Plan of the Programme, in collaboration with the Facility, partners and technical consultants

  1. Results/expected outputs:

The incumbent will work on the overall Programme results: • R1. Awareness and response capacities of local authorities, communities and local actors are strengthened and promote local sustainable and climate-resilient development in line with local development priorities. • R2. Adaptation to climate change is integrated into local development planning and budgeted, enabling the realization of investments and adaptation activities • R3. The Performance-Based Climate Resilience Grant (PBCRG) mechanism is rolled out and incorporates improvements to sustain Climate Change Adaptation at municipal level

As an active UNCDF team member, efficient, timely, responsive, client-friendly and high-quality support rendered to UNCDF and its beneficiaries in the accomplishment of her/his functions, including by pursuing the following key results of the Project and related activity results: o LoCAL in Senegal is effectively, efficiently and transparently implemented in line with UNCDF project management regulations; o Government partners at national and subnational levels and communities benefit from quality and timely provision of technical assistance and capacity building support; o LoCAL in Senegal is effectively and efficiently monitored, assessed and reported on; o LoCAL experience in Senegal is well documented, best practices identified and lessons learned and disseminated through various communication channels; o LoCAL in Senegal is strengthened as a result of in-country technical and financial partnerships.

• Professionalism: Deep knowledge and understanding of key concepts related to climate change and environment sustainability; • Innovation and commitment to continuous learning: • Client-orientation: • Integrity: Conducts fair and transparent decision making; • Teamwork and respect for diversity: • Planning and organizing: • Communication: • Genuine commitment towards the principles of voluntary engagement: which includes solidarity, compassion, reciprocity and self-reliance; and commitment towards UNCDF’s mission and vision, as well as to the UN Core Values

(6 Months) progressively responsible positions in implementing, managing and monitoring development projects, preferably in the environmental and climate change areas, is required Proven/demonstrable networking capabilities and ability to associate him/herself with a range of actors (inter alia central and local governments; policy makers; development partners and donors, local communities, women and youth groups) with a view to building relations and facilitating links is highly desirable Work experience with local governments, local stakeholders, local communities, and with addressing gender equality as project objective and/or cross-cutting issue in developing countries is desired; Knowledge of current developments in local economic development for the most vulnerable (women and youth) is desired; Strong awareness of key and emerging issues related to climate change/adaptation is highly desirable; Experience with a UN organization/agency is desirable; Experience with ATLAS and UNDP Procurement Processes is desired, but not a requirement

The assignment will take place in the nation’s capital, Dakar, a family duty station (Hardship classification A) with missions to the region. Dakar is a liveable city. The spontaneous reception and hospitality of the Senegalese are among the characteristic features of this West African country. The living conditions in Dakar are good, as well as the access to health services. The yellow fever vaccine is compulsory, and vaccination cards should be presented at the entrance. Vaccinations against Meningococcal Meningitis and Hepatitis A and B are also recommended. The basic drugs are available in pharmacies, but it is recommended to bring specific prescription drugs. According to ANSD/RGPHAE 2020 official estimates, the Dakar metropolitan area population reaches over 3,9 million people. The total population of Senegal is 16 705 608 inhabitants (ANSD 2020). Senegal is located on UTC/ GMT. Senegal has a warm climate and sunny days throughout the year that make it a comfortable duty station. Daytime temperatures are, on average, around 30°C. The rainy season is in the northern hemisphere’s summer/fall. The currency used in Senegal is called Franc CFA (XOF). On 1st March 2021, the average exchange rate is 1 USD = 535,913XOF. Many hotels, restaurants and businesses in Senegal accept the leading international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). It is also possible to withdraw cash from automatic telling machines found in all the major cities. The accommodation facilities are in general good, and the choice is vast. It is possible to rent unfurnished and furnished accommodations from 450 to 2000 USD. UN Volunteers can also co-rent and share private concessions, which must comply with Minimum Operating Residential Security Standards (MORSS). Local taxis can easily arrange Transportation in town. A valid passport is required to enter Senegal and a negative COVID-19 test. ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) nationals are not required an entry visa. Citizens of other countries may be required an entry visa or long-stay visa. They should contact the closest Senegalese representation. Senegalese Embassies and consulates in various West African countries and other parts of the world issue visas before travel.

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