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The Enhancing Disaster and Climate Resilience through Improved Disaster Preparedness and Infrastructure (EDCR) projects aims to improve the capacity for preparedness and mitigation to man-made, geo-physical and climate related hazards and to climate change impact. This initiative will be implemented in three countries: The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and Republic of Palau. The project will respond to Outcome 1 of the UN Pacific Strategy 2018 – 2022: By 2022, people and ecosystems in the Pacific are more resilient to the impacts of climate change, climate variability and disasters; and environmental protection is strengthened.

In line with the overall outcome, the overall project goal is to effectively address the consequences of, and responses to, geo-physical and climate-related hazards to protect lives, sustain livelihoods, preserve the environment and safeguard the economy. The outcome will be achieved through 3 expected outputs:

  1. Strengthened Disaster Communication and Climate and Tsunami Monitoring Systems, to be implemented in FSM, RMI and Palau.
  2. Enhanced National and State Disaster preparedness capacity, to be implemented in FSM, RMI and Palau.
  3. Enhanced Community Disaster and Climate Resilience through improved water and food resource management and inclusive livelihood diversification, to be implemented in FSM and Palau.

The project will be implemented by the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji under the UNDP Direct Implementation Modality (DIM) and will be part of the Resilient and Sustainable Development team.


  • An LTA is a mutual arrangement between UNDP and the individual to provide the required services at established fee or provisions. The LTA will be established for 6 months. UNDP reserves the right to rescind the agreement during that period should performance of the consultant(s) not meet its requirements.
  • It is expected the consultant(s) to be engaged for maximum 20 working days within the 6 months period
  • UNDP does not warrant that any quantity of services shall be contracted during the term of this Agreement. A specific Term of Reference (TOR) outlining the deliverables shall be provided, and an Individual Contract would be issued to the consultant, detailing the time frame.
  • Once the LTA is signed, if there is a specific service required, the focal person in the UNDP hiring unit would contact the Consultant(s) and upon positive confirmation in the availability for the assignment, acceptance of the Term of reference, cost and travel arrangement, UNDP will issue an Individual Contract. Price in the order will be based on daily fee included in the LTA.After contract has been agreed between the two parties, no further costs would be reimbursed by UNDP unless there is prior written authorization by UNDP.
  • Once the services are completed and have been approved by the hiring unit, the Consultant(s) will provide the following for payment purposes:

    • a) complete invoice indicating the completed deliverables.
    • b) supporting documentation (bills/vouchers) for reimbursements of travel costs if applicable;
    • c) copy of the UNDP contract for the consultancy.

Payments will be made upon satisfactory achieved deliverables under each assignment and submission of time sheet in accordance with number of days worked. Final payment shall require a signed performance evaluation of the consultant(s).

Detailed Terms of Reference can ve downloaded form UDNP Pacifi Website https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=92666

Duties and Responsibilities

The scope of work is outlined below:

  • Resolve technical/operability issues during installation and post installation by coordinating between conterparts and suppliers;
  • Respond technical queries during installation and post installation from the counterparts related to the activity listed above;
  • Build capacity of government counterparts in installation and maintenance of emergency telecommunications listed above including radio configuration and programming supports;
  • Consolidate warranty information, list of suppliers/manufactures, and training manuals;
  • Provide recommendations on the future Operation & Maintenance of the above activities; and
  • Carry out any other technical assignments as requested by the Project Manager.
  • Detailed Terms of Reference can ve downloaded form UDNP Pacifi Website https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=92666


Minimum diploma in a relevant area such as Telecommunication, Computer Science, Engineering, Disaster Management;

  • Four years of relevant and progressive professional experience in telecommunication (e.g. installation of radio equipment, training in telecom management, maintenance of telecom equipment, etc);
  • Experience in training national entities in operation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment
  • Experience in the usage of ICOM HF radios
  • Experience in the ICT set up for the Emergency Operation Centre
  • Experience in an international setting with the UN or with international organization
  • Experience working with government counterparts building national capacities

Fluency in English

Required Skills and Experience

Minimum diploma in a relevant area such as Telecommunication, Computer Science, Engineering, Disaster Management;

Offerors must send the following documents.

  • CV including names/contacts of at least 3 referees.
  • A cover letter indicating why the candidate considers himself/herself suitable for the required consultancy
  • Completed template for confirmation of Interest and Submission of Financial Proposal (either in FJD or USD)

    Individuals applying for this consultancy will be reviewed based on their own individual capacity. The successful individual may sign an Individual Contract with UNDP or request his/her employer to sign a Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) on their behalf by indicating this in the Offerors letter to Confirming Interest and Availability

Consultant must send a financial proposal based on a Lump Sum Amount. The total amount quoted shall be all-inclusive and include all costs components required to perform the deliverables identified in the TOR, including professional fee, travel costs, living allowance (if any work is to be done outside the IC´s duty station) and any other applicable cost to be incurred by the IC in completing the assignment. The contract price will be fixed output-based price regardless of extension of the herein specified duration. Payments will be done upon completion of the deliverables/outputs.

Consultancy Proposal (CV & Financial proposal Template) should be sent via email to [email protected] no later than 7th July 2022 (Fiji Time)

For any clarification regarding this assignment please write to [email protected]

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