Help to illustrate, paint eBook stories and design other educational materials, worksheets and presentations

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ASASS - Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

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Designer, Illustrators,painters,3Danimators HELP FUNDRAISING EFFORTS ASASS NON-PROFIT'S INCOME PROJECT by creating ,designing drawing,painting, illustrating beautiful realistic images, African characters graphics, designing book covers , page contents graphics to create book of stories for children and adult literacy educational ressource manual in Burundi. You will also creat worksheets for students and teachers in kindergarten school and adult literacy digital manuals, ressources for education purpose.You will use Pinterest Apps and Web for inspiration on best graphics, illustration of drawn by hands and tablets and we will share some exemples files. We can give you scripts of a story, a context or situation, as illustrator you read it and imagine characters, draw, paint and create graphic designs REALISTIC images of personage, trees, places, things corresponding to a story using graphic tablets/ computer or hands and do illustration of attractive, realistic images of story.

  • Art and design
  • Web and graphic design

    Because of Covid-19, the small non-profit ASASS in the low income countries risk to close due to economy deficiency. But, there is hope from support of every one. ASASS non-profit is active in children protection through education and economic empowerment of their families. We’d like to fundraise and collect grants to maintain 500 children to school at John C and Elie K International School center will do that by writing stories, illustrating related images and make books story for Kids. People will download on website and pay a donation or use Amazon and other best selling website to collect grants or fundraise as income to be used : covering costs of Annual non-profit operations at the school center, including rented classrooms and stipends for encouraging volunteer teachers and Provide 500 parents of students at our school with a Family Income Business Strengthening Loans and Grants to increase profits used for feeding kids, family healthcare card, and cover transportation costs from school to home etc.Various and many supporters will help achievement of goal as will create many illustration and work on various tasks as artists , painters, illustrators, 2D/3D animators.

  • Volunteers: 18 needed

  • 20+ hours per week / 18 weeks

    Able to ATTEND OUR COACHING ONLINE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FREE CLASS, create professional and attractive illustrations with one of these software and tools: • Hands Drawings and Painting, • Provide Link to your previous illustrations, drawings /painted works, • Adobe Illustrator, • Unity3D • adobe Photoshop CC, XD, Adobe after effect, Adobe Dreamweaver, • JavaScript • HTML • CSS • AutoCAD • InDesign • MS Office • Social Media • Linux

  • Burundi

  • English, French, Kinyarwanda
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