Help design architecture for ERP cloud-based all-in-one, multi branch management system development for unlimited schools

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ASASS - Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

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We are on phase to start development of ERP cloud-based all-in-one, multi branch management system development for unlimited schools but we need experienced Designer with 15+ to design Architecture, that meet criteria (Problems and solutions). Software will be Multi branches, unlimited, all-In One ( SMS, SIS, LMS) for any type of school (Kindergarten to university and academy) for Schools in Burundi and anywhere . You will work in collaboration with team of developers who develop that software and Apps with coded with Spring boot, MariaDB,Java15, Travis or Jankins, Sonar, Keycloack and etc . Architecture Design must meet maximum of required criteria (Not limited) :Multi tenacity, mutli branches management, Rsponsive, All-In-One: SMS, SIS, LMS, Apps, UI, School system , Customisable, Extendable , Unlimited, RLT support Kirundi Languages, Multi languages, multi geographic countries, Trusted environment framework and DB, Popular secure Infrastrasturcture, etc.

  • COVID-19 Response
  • Software and applications development and analysis

    ASASS aims to end Management problems for schools of our children and others, increase acces to admission and quality education for all anywhere by leaving all barriers of access to enrollment, reduce admission problems, old management methods based on hand workload, handwriting, paper manipulation, pen and blackboard which wast not only money but also resources energy and time which would be used to educate students. By computerizing schools will offer software to public private partner schools which enable millions of children anywhere a study of quality before deadline of SDGS. You develop architecture and other files for a cloud based ERP School management system software and mobile apps. It will be unlimited multi branches management, all in one ( SMS,SIS,LMS) for school- elementary to university of any country. We share end product of a good architecture designs. Software will be hosted in AWS and in any IT infrastructure, so won't face issues if we change a hosting company from AWS to G-suite for example, etc.

  • Volunteers: 6 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 4 weeks

    You must have 10+years experience in Software architecture designs. Our project's technical information: - Github Configuration - Sonar Configuration - Travis Configuration - Dev Environment Connections - Dev Environment Keycloack - Projects Configuration - Initial data - Initial code - Spring Configuration - Automatic deployment - Slack Account configuration

  • Africa

  • English, French
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