Graphic Design of E4J's a Chuka manual for teachers and parents in Chinese

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UNODC is looking for an online volunteer to design 1 manuals for teachers and parents in Chinese in support of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative of the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration. Each manual contains approximately 20 pages.

  • Art and design
  • Communication, mass media and art

    At the conclusion of the 13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice held in Qatar, the Doha Declaration was adopted. Calling for the integration of crime prevention and criminal justice into the wider agenda of the United Nations, and endorsed by the General Assembly, the Doha Declaration has at its centre the understanding that the rule of law and sustainable development are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. To put the Doha Declaration into reality, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - with the financial support of the State of Qatar - launched a Global Programme aimed at helping countries achieve a positive and sustainable impact on crime prevention, criminal justice, corruption prevention, and the rule of law. This four-year initiative promotes peaceful, corruption-free and inclusive societies for sustainable development, through a people-centred approach that provides access to justice for everyone and builds effective and accountable institutions at all levels. The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative seeks to prevent crime and promote a culture of lawfulness through education activities.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 11-20 hours per week / 12 weeks

    Candidates should have previous experience in graphic design and advanced knowledge of design software. Previous experience in designing education materials is considered an asset.

  • Global

  • English, Chinese
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