Finance Specialist (for the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative)

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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

This UNV assignment is part of the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative. To address the global challenges of VAWG, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations have embarked on a new multi-year programme- the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative. The Spotlight Initiative aims to support transformative change on the ground to end violence against women and girls.

The Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste is implemented through five UN agencies (UN Women, UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF, and ILO) with a focus on addressing intimate partner violence and domestic violence. The overall vision of the Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste is that women and girls enjoy their right to a life free of violence, within an inclusive and gender equitable Timor-Leste. This contributes to implementation of Timor-Leste’s National Action Plan on Gender Based Violence (2017-2021), with attention to holistic prevention and responses to violence against women and girls.

Under the guidance and direction of the resident Coordinator Office and Heads of all RUNOs, the Finance specialist is responsible for overseeing the Spotlight Initiative programme resources management and providing operations management services through direct support and advice to the Spotlight Initiative team in the country.

The Finance Specialist will be under the formal supervision of UNDP Head of the Democratic Governance Unit or his/her designated mandated representative(s), while directly coordinated through the Spotlight Initiative’s coordination mechanism, the head of the Technical Unit. The Finance Specialist will work in close cooperation and coordination with the Spotlight Initiative team as well as with the Finance Officers of RUNOs and the UNDP country office.

The UN Volunteer Finance Specialist will advise and provide capacity building in the areas of: Operations management services to the Spotlight Initiative programme – 40% Programme resources management – 40% Capacity building and knowledge transfer to Spotlight Initiative staff and implementing partners – 20%

  1. Provision of advisory services and capacity transfer in the implementation of the strategic management of operations in the Timor-Leste Spotlight Initiative, focusing on achievement of the following results: • Full compliance of operations with UN, UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, UN Women and UNFPA rules, regulations and policies, implementation of corporate operational strategies, establishment of management targets and monitoring of achievement of results, and in alignment with the EU Spotlight Initiative regulations; • Follow-up on established collaborate arrangements with partners, a client relationship management system for quality and efficiency purposes and appropriate operational partnership arrangements; • Closely collaborating with Finance Focal Points of Spotlight Initiative RUNOs to ensure appropriate coordination on financial aspects; • Closely liaising with colleagues from UNDP’s Global Shared Services Unit (GSSU) in Malaysia for all clustered finance related transactional services, CO business processes mapping and support implementation of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); • Closely liaising with the Regional Bureau/HQs colleagues on the above issues as needed; • Closely monitor management of Cost Recovery System and Common Services focusing on achieving the following results; • Ensure effective cost recovery systems are in place for non-core funded projects; • Support implementation of Direct Project Costs (DPC) in the Spotlight Initiative programme; • Support the Spotlight Initiative team in producing a periodic programme resource report and analysis submitted to the Senior Management as and when necessary.

  2. Provide advisory support and capacity transfer in supporting programme resources management focusing on achievement of the following results: • Advise UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, UN Women and UNFPA on the specific EU financial guidelines related to the Spotlight Initiative; • Elaboration of proper mechanisms to eliminate deficiencies in budget management; • Quality control of programme requests/supporting documents submitted to GSSU; • Review of the Accounts Receivables for Spotlight Initiative programme; • Proactively monitor Finance Dashboard and take corrective action;

  3. Support capacity building and knowledge transfer for Timor-Leste Spotlight Initiative staff and implementing partners in project operations including forecasting, monitoring of resources. • Regular hands on and structured training programmes for Spotlight Initiative staff; • Capacity building and guidance of implementing partners; • Development of SOPs and checklists, as well as training materials as needed to fill the capacity gaps.

  • Professionalism • Integrity • Teamwork and respect for diversity • Commitment to continuous learning • Planning and organizing • Communication • Flexibility • Genuine commitment towards the principles of voluntary engagement, which includes solidarity, compassion, reciprocity and self-reliance; and commitment towards UNICEF’s mission and vision, as well as to the UN Core Values.

• At least 5 years of professional work experience at the national and/or international level in finance, accounting and audit, or other relevant programmes; experience with finance, economics and administration is an asset, as is experience working in the UN or other international development organization; • Experience in resource management or related functions; • Possession of UNDP Accountancy and Finance Test certificate would be an advantage; • Must have proven experience in capacity building or provision of training; • Must have excellent interpersonal skills, including demonstrable analytical, communication, coordination and teamwork skills; culturally and socially sensitive; • Excellent oral and written skills; excellent drafting, formulation, reporting skills; • Accuracy and professionalism in document production and editing; • Ability to work and adapt professionally and effectively in a challenging environment; ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of international and national personnel; • Solid overall computer literacy, including proficiency in various MS Office applications (Excel, Word, etc.); advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages; and office technology equipment; experience in handling of web-based management systems, especially Atlas and ERP financials, preferably PeopleSoft;

Timor Leste is half of a tropical island on the Australian continental shelf characterized by a rugged mountain chain running east-west that divides the country into a generally warmer north coast and a milder south coast. The capital city, Dili, is located in the north.

Climate: The climate along the coast is relatively warm hot year-round with an annual average temperature of 30°C. There are two distinct seasons: the north-east monsoon season, which runs from November to March, constitutes the rainy season throughout the country. The south- east monsoon season, which runs from March to October, constitutes the dry season with some rain on the southern coast but otherwise dry and windy conditions in the rest of the country. The climate inland with its high mountains can be very cold with an annual average temperature of 15°C.

Health: At the moment, Stamford clinic serves as a recommended medical facility for UN staff. It has two approved UN physicians that can perform primary healthcare and simpler treatments, or recommend medical evacuation to Singapore. There is a national hospital with some international staff and a limited number of other private clinics in Dili. For more complex medical treatment and assessment, it is necessary to evacuate to neighboring countries such as Australia or Singapore.

Diet, Food and Water: Most staple foods can be found in the markets such as rice, meat, vegetables, cooking oil, salt and sugar. There are many local markets around Dili as well as four supermarkets that are stocked with imported goods, mainly from Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and China. Dili has a large number of restaurants, cafes and bars. There is a variety of food ranging from Western to Southeast Asian fare. You can also find several local warungs with less expensive meals. The price range for a meal can range from $3 to $20+.

Telecommunications: At the moment, there are three telecommunication providers in country, Timor Telecom and Telcomcel and Telemor. While Timor Telecom has been long present, Telcomcel and Telemor started operating in February 2013. The SIM cards cost $2-3 and pre-paid/pulsa cards range from $1 to $50. Further, depending on UN Agency, you may receive a PIN code to make international phone calls that will be charged to your VLA.

Hotels: The UNV Field unit in Dili will help arrange your initial accommodation in a hotel, at your expense. Most of the hotels in Dili are aimed at internationals and offer a good level of comfort with air-conditioned rooms and en-suite bathrooms. You can expect to pay from $30 to $50 per night.

Permanent Accommodation: Expect that your accommodation will range from the very basic to adequate, although many private houses in Dili have been renovated to a reasonable or even considered ‘luxurious’ level of comfort. The rate of reconstruction and renovation in the districts has been much slower than in Dili. Accommodation is far more likely to be of a very basic level.

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