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This is a UNV National Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as National UN Volunteer. It is normally only for nationals. More about UNV National Specialist contracts.

Ukraine's invasion by the Russian Federation's military forces launched on February 24, 2022, has caused severe damage to the increasingly fragile social and humanitarian situation in Ukraine, and a humanitarian disaster of a proportion not seen in Europe since 1945 is now increasingly likely to occur. While the conflict's human and economic cost continues to grow, the Government of Ukraine remains resilient, sustaining key government functions to ensure the delivery of services for the population on the move.

At the time of writing, the Kyiv School of Economics reported that the Russian invasion had damaged or destroyed more than 3,200 educational facilities, including over 1,500 secondary schools, almost 1,000 kindergartens, and 538 higher education institutions*. It has also destroyed or damaged 367 hospitals, 341 clinics and more than 158,000 residential buildings*, figures that continue to climb. Damage to infrastructure and total losses to gross domestic product have already reached $120 billion. Meanwhile, the government estimates that 50% of Ukrainian businesses have shut down completely, while the remaining 50% is forced to operate well below capacity.

The damage arising from the conflict generates massive amounts of debris and a vast number of unstable damaged buildings throughout the conflict areas. Many of these damaged buildings are posing a threat to public health through potential uncontrolled collapse. The large quantities of debris strewn in streets, open public spaces and on plots will inhibit the safe return of residents, restart of businesses and public services.

UNDP is implementing emergency demolition and debris management projects, combined with mine action initiatives and material recycling campaign. This project aims to enable the rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructures to support the resilient recovery of war-affected communities in Ukraine. It addresses the need to accelerate the restoration of critical public services (such as health and education), improve economic livelihood opportunities for affected communities, and enhance resilience to future shocks in the country. It will be guided and informed by the government post-conflict needs assessments and will be fully aligned with relevant national and sub-national recovery plans. Beyond the immediate humanitarian and relief assistance, UNDP has initiated engagements with national and local governments to support the Ukrainian government's recovery efforts. Key government partners include the Ministry of Interior, the State Emergency Services of Ukraine (SESU) and the local governments of all targeted areas and cities impacted by the war.

The Engineer will ensure that all the prescriptions and plans of demolition and debris management projects, combined with mine action initiatives and material recycling campaigns are implemented in accordance with guidance provided by the Mine Action and Debris Removal Project Manager, Debris Technical Lead and Engineering Analyst. The incumbent will also provide advisory and supervision to ensure the quality and efficiency of the demolition and debris management works.

• Conduct analysis of needs assessment (regarding demolition and debris activities), establish priorities and identify a priority list for emergency demolition and debris management. • Participate in preparation of plans and other necessary documents timely for successful implementation of project activities (construction, demolition, and debris removal work). • Liaise with respective governmental bodies to ensure the component activities are implemented in a timely and efficient manner. • Take measures to prevent and eliminate defects and make propositions on optimization. • Liaise with UNDP Mine Action Component of Project(s) and counterparts involved (Mine action specialist, demining organization, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, etc.) to ensure safe and non-stop work of UNDP Contractor(s), demolition and debris removal work (demining activities will be performed by other implementing partners).

• Supervise: - Site engineers who perform daily oversight of UNDP Contractor' works. - UNDP Contractors who perform construction, demolition and debris removal work related to the Project(s).

• Process site engineers or/and contractors reports and provide feedback for daily / weekly works progress reports to Engineering Analyst, Debris Technical Lead and Debris Removal Project Manager. • Conduct regular visits to project sites and monitor the progress of works. • Participate in preparation of handover of completed works to the relevant authorities. • Participate in relevant meetings and share information with partners and UN agencies. • Follow the legislation and regulations, rules, and specific UNDP procedures while performing respected duties. • Assist with preparation of guidelines for carrying out projects and contribute to reporting on the work done at project sites. • Provide advisory support to local authorities (communities) and assess the accordance of operations. • Support local authorities (communities) with preparation of related documentation and collaborate with local authorities (communities) in the projects’ implementation. • Collaborate with the project team on assessing indicators of UNDP’s suppliers performing sub-standard services and/or providing sub-standard equipment that could indicate malpractices; promptly inform the Engineering Analyst and Debris Removal Project Manager. • Participate in preparation of project reports, including progress and annual reports, as well as special technical reports. • Provide (if needed) input for amendment of norms, certification and other requirements (including environmental, energy efficiency) and provide technical advice in case selected projects require permissions and construction certificates, other permitting documentation, as required. • Participate in preparation of necessary technical documentation (report forms, weekly/monthly). • Make sure to include gender equality in your work, create a safe and supportive environment without discrimination or abuse, and communicate in a way that considers gender, following company principles. • Perform other activities as requested by the Engineering Analyst, Debris Technical Lead and Debris Removal Project Manager.

• Accountability • Adaptability and flexibility • Creativity • Judgement and decision-making • Planning and organizing • Professionalism • Self-management

managing/developing civil engineering projects at the national or international level, demolition/ debris management, reconstruction of public and private infrastructures or in other related fields.

• Relevant experience at the national or international level in managing/developing civil engineering projects, demolition/debris management, reconstruction of public and private infrastructures or in other related fields. • Experience in the field of technical supervision. • Experience of working with relevant stakeholders from the governmental and non-governmental institutions involved into recovery as well as economic and social development issues at the national and sub-national levels will be a strong advantage. • Knowledge of regulations and requirements in the field of construction, demolition and debris management. • Excellent knowledge of civil engineering and modern construction technology. • Sound knowledge of technical specifications and performance schedules of construction and installation works. • Knowledge of procedures for quality control procedures. • Good familiarity with national legislation in the area of construction, norms and standards of construction works, including critical infrastructures.

As it is a national UN Volunteer's assignment, the UN volunteer shall organize his/her accommodation by themselves.

Entitlements of National UN Volunteer (Specialist - Step 1)

The contract lasts for the period indicated in the vacancy with the possibility of extensions subject to availability of funding, operational necessity, and satisfactory performance. However, there is no expectation of renewal of the assignment. This is a full-time contract.

Allowances: • Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA): A Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) USD 1587 (equivalent in UAH) is provided monthly to cover housing, utilities, and normal cost of living expenses. This includes Well-Being Differentials for the period while the ICSC applies hardship classification to duty stations in Ukraine as “E”. • USD 400 entry lump sum, one-time payment.

Medical and life insurance: • Medical insurance: The UN Volunteer and eligible PFU dependents will receive UNV provided medical insurance coverage. Coverage for UN Volunteers begins from the Commencement of Service and normally ceases one month after the last day of the UN Volunteer Contract date. • Life Insurance: UN Volunteers are covered by life insurance for the duration of the UN Volunteer assignment. If a UN Volunteer dies during the UN Volunteer assignment, the eligible designated beneficiaries will be entitled to receive a life insurance lump sum.

Leave entitlements: • Annual leave:  UN Volunteers accrue an entitlement to 2.5 days of Annual Leave per completed month of the UN Volunteer assignment. Unused accrued Annual Leave up to a maximum of 30 days is carried over in case of a contract extension within the same UN Volunteer assignment. Unused accrued Annual Leave may not be carried over in case of reassignment or a new assignment. • Learning leave: Subject to supervisor approval and exigencies of service, UN Volunteers may request up to ten working days of Learning Leave per consecutive 12 months of the UN Volunteer assignment, starting with the Commencement of Service date, provided the Learning Leave is used within the contract period. • Certified Sick Leave: UN Volunteers are entitled to up to 30 days of certified sick leave based on a 12-month cycle. This amount is reset every 12-month cycle. • Uncertified Sick Leave: UN Volunteers receive seven days of uncertified sick leave working days in a calendar year. This amount will be reset at the established interval period.

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