Design: social media materials related to adolescent girls tackling issues of GBV, protection Safety MHPSS, general awareness

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IQ Home-based; Iraq

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The task will be utilized in the following way: Develop a number social media material (including short videos and pictures) to target national and international audiences, including the general public and key decision-makers.

  • Art and design
  • Communication, mass media and art

    The armed conflict in the past four years and on-going political and economic stagnation have affected young people in general and adolescent girls specifically. Adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable to multiple forms of violence and more exposed to sexual violence with limited support systems, child labor, abductions, harassment, forced marriages, limited access to information about their rights and poor health status. Adolescent girls have specials needs, and being the most neglected population cohort. The project focus on designing and providing quality materials to enhance awareness and information of AGs in regards to their right and GBV as well as other issued mentioned above. The materials will be shared through AG TF members and UNFPA IPs after review and validation from communication team.

  • Volunteers: 1 needed

  • 1-5 hours per week / 8 weeks

    Program staff will be providing the details and contents of the IEC materials and Other required things, the designer will have to come up with relevant designing as per the requirements of the project.

  • Iraq

  • English, Arabic
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