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Job Description

Background and Context

Since 1992, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Kenya has been providing life-saving services to vulnerable local and refugee communities in Kenya. Our mission is to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster, including the climate crisis, to survive, recover and gain control of their future. The way we work is guided by our values of integrity, accountability, service, and equality.

In our envisioned culture, we celebrate a diverse and inclusive workforce where every staff member embodies the core values of integrity, accountability, service, and equality. Our exceptional leaders and managers lead by example, inspiring their teams to excel and fostering an environment where every employee is recognized and valued as a vital contributor. We prioritize our clients at the center of everything we do, ensuring their needs drive our actions and decisions. By nurturing highly capable and accountable staff, we create a dynamic, supportive, and client-focused workplace where excellence thrives, and everyone feels a profound sense of belonging and purpose.

Purpose of the Assignment

This consultancy aims to implement an organizational culture management program based on the values of IRC, identifying the contributing factors and conditions necessary to foster a positive culture, providing coaching support to the implementation of the positive organizational culture implementation plan, and addressing resistance and other risk areas.

Expected outcomes:

- An audit report of the existing organizational culture to determine the level of change readiness, potential barriers, and enablers to enable the program’s success. - Successful implementation of change management program across the organization. - Sustainability and follow up plan post implementation.

Scope of Work

It is expected that the Consultant will:

- Undertake a comprehensive audit of the current culture and submit a status report of the existing culture. - Design and implement a culture change strategy aimed at enhancing workplace culture, collaboration, effective communication, and teamwork among other priority areas based on the findings of the culture audit. - Impart and engage the IRC Kenya leadership and people managers with the skills required to manage and effectively lead the culture change. - Help to manage change by creating awareness and providing staff, including culture change champions, with the identified knowledge and skills they need to adjust to change through learning initiatives. - Develop a communication plan to guide in building awareness, understanding, commitment, and ownership of changes through clear, consistent messages. - Develop and recommend a culture sustainability framework for long term efficiency. - Track and report on progress to the Senior Management. - Follow up to ensure the organization can continuously improve after exit of the Consultants. -

Key Deliverables

The expected deliverables include:

- An inception report outlining the methodology, tools, and timelines to undertake the assignment. - An organizational culture assessment report. - A culture and values identification workshop for the Senior Management. - A change management training series for leadership and Senior Management - A detailed and practical culture operational implementation plan including a performance monitoring and evaluation framework. - Coaching support for the Senior Management and People Managers - An organizational-wide culture induction workshop. - A consultancy process report.


This assignment is to be undertaken within three calendar months.


- Experience: At least 5 years of proven experience in Organizational Development, Change Management, or cultural transformation. - Academic Qualifications: Minimum of a master’s degree in organizational development, psychology, human resources, or strategic leadership. - Professional Certification: Human resources management qualification from a recognized institution e.g. NITA - Similar Assignments: Proven track record in similar assignments. - Client Portfolio: Outline clients served in Culture Survey Change and Management Consultancy over the past three years, including reference letters/testimonials for each assignment. - INGO/Non-Profit Experience: Experience working with international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) and/or non-profit organizations.

Note: Attach Cover letter, lead consultant’s CV and technical proposal outlining the methodology, workplan and budget.

Kindly send your expression of interest by 22nd June 2024.

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