Coordinator, Working Group on Workforce Rejuvenation

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Result of Service

Successfully contribute to the delivery of the mandate of the Working Group on Workforce Rejuvenation established to review, assess and propose solutions to workforce rejuvenation including contributing to: • the final draft report on workforce rejuvenation. • Research and data collection through interviews, focus groups etc.

Work Location

Working remotely

Expected duration

4 months

Duties and Responsibilities

The Staffing Diversity and Outreach Section, located in the Strategic Talent Management Service (STMS) of the Global Strategy and Policy Division (GSPD), is responsible for developing programs and initiatives in support of the Organization’s workforce diversity goals covering the following diversity pillars: geographical representation, gender, disability inclusion and workforce rejuvenation. As a critical goal, the Organization aims to address the underrepresentation of young professionals in the workforce, in accordance with General Assembly resolutions A/RES/77/278 and A/RES/78/252. These resolutions mandate the Secretary-General to deliver a comprehensive strategy on workforce rejuvenation during the first resumed session of the seventy-ninth session in March 2025. To this end, the Office of Human Resources with close collaboration with the United Nations Youth Office has established a Working Group to review, assess, and propose a holistic strategy for workforce rejuvenation which when implemented, should result in a more versatile, multigenerational workforce that is aligned with the vision of a revitalized United Nations. The proposals and recommendations of the working group will form the basis of the Secretary-General’s Report on Workforce Rejuvenation which will be presented to the General Assembly at its first resumed session of the 79th session in March 2025. Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Staffing Diversity and Outreach Section, the Consultant (Coordinator, Working Group on Workforce Rejuvenation) will be responsible for facilitating the collaborative efforts of the working group to develop and propose strategies aimed at rejuvenating the workforce within the Organization's workforce. The Coordinator will work closely with the co-chairs and members of the working group to deliver the activities listed in the key responsibilities section below. Duties and Responsibilities: • Coordinate the working group's activities to meet the objectives within the set timeline, ensuring follow-up on action points, implementing key decisions, and providing administrative and logistical support. • Schedule and organize meetings, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among members. • Conduct research and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to collect diverse perspectives and insights relevant to workforce rejuvenation and youth representation. • Conduct interviews and/ or focus group session with a variety of audiences to collect data, experiences and perspectives, providing a wider understanding and expectations of the topic. • Assist the working group in proposing solutions aligned with the Organization's strategic human resources priorities, serving as the foundation for achieving a more age-balanced workforce. • Coordinate and prepare a draft comprehensive substantive report outlining recommendations and strategies for workforce rejuvenation including an action plan, to be presented to the General Assembly at the first resumed session of the 79th session in March 2025. • Contribute to draft documents, reports, or other materials relevant to the working group's mandate as needed. • Support the working group in fulfilling any other needs identified during the course of its work.

Qualifications/special skills

• Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in human resources management, organizational development, public administration, or related field is required. A first-level university degree (Bachelor's degree or equivalent) in combination with two additional years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree. • A minimum of seven years’ experience in strategic human resources management is required. • Experience with project management involving multiple stakeholders and change initiatives is required. • Experience in facilitating collaborative initiatives or working groups focused on organizational development or workforce planning is desirable. • Experience in conducting research and analysis to synthesize information from diverse sources is desirable. • Experience in report drafting and communication is desirable. • Experience with engaging and collaborating with stakeholders at different levels is desirable. • Proficiency in written and oral communication skills. • Proficiency in (1) active listening, (2) awareness of others and their behaviours, (3) guiding others to consensus and (4) critical thinking. • A good knowledge of human resources principles and practices, particularly in the context of workforce planning, diversity, and inclusion.


For this consultancy, fluency in English is required.

Additional Information

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