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This is a UNV National Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as National UN Volunteer. It is normally only for nationals. More about UNV National Specialist contracts.

This post is in the Office of the Director-General (ODG) of the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), the only UN Headquarters in Africa, and indeed in the Global South. The Director-General of UNON, as representative of the Secretary-General in Kenya, and UN Designated Official, has overall responsibility for the safety and security of all UN staff and dependents in Kenya. The Director-General of UNON also leads the Network of Women Leaders in the UN in Kenya and is a strong proponent of women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming. UNON supports programme implementation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the Resident Coordination System (RCS) globally, as well as other UN offices in Kenya, by providing administrative, security, conference, and information services (

The UN Volunteer will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and close-knit professional setting, in the Office and under the close mentorship of the Under-Secretary-General and Director-General of UNON, Zainab Hawa Bangura, a civil society, human and women’s rights campaigner and democracy activist, who was previously the UN Under-Secretary-General and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, and previously served in her Government as Minister of Health and Sanitation, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and was instrumental in developing national programmes on affordable health, advocating for the elimination of genital mutilation, managing the country’s Peace-Building Commission and contributing to multilateral and bilateral relations with the international community, with deep experience engaging with State and non-State actors on issues relevant to sexual violence, including engaging with rebel groups.

Within the Office of the Director-General of UNON, the UN Volunteer will contribute to speechwriting and communication activities of the Director-General. The incumbent will work in close coordination with the other functional areas of the Office of the Director-General. ODG and UNON as well as the United Nations Information Center (UNIC).

The incumbent will be responsible for the following specific duties: • Prepares official briefing materials, talking points, speeches, statements, op-eds and presentations as necessary. • Maintains external and internal digital communications platforms such as the UNON website, the website presence and assets of the Director-General, in particular her official social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and other official UNON social media accounts, Intranet and online collaboration platforms, etc. • Drafts inputs for the Director-General across UN content and products, both offline and online. • Provides substantive support to events for the Director-General, coordinating with other entities in UNON, UNEP, UN-Habitat, the UN Country Team and other UN Offices, Agencies, Funds and Programmes, and relevant partners, including Host Country authorities, media representatives, members of academia, etc. to ensure high visibility and impact. • Provides assistance to with the planning, organization and implementation of campaigns and other initiatives, including press briefings and interviews; prepares briefing materials for the Director-General to assist in these encounters. • Contributes to providing substantive support in promoting the priorities of the Secretary-General in key thematic areas, in line with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. • Assists in the engagement of key traditional and non-traditional stakeholders, including Government, civil society, private sector, development partners and other new as well as traditional actors on Our Common Agenda and Agenda 2030. • Provides substantive support to the Director-General in expanding public outreach on UNON’s role and impact. • Contributes to articles and opinion pieces drafted on behalf of the Director-General in order to maximize the impact of UNON activities by identifying and developing newsworthy ideas/topics and identifying media for placement. • Supports the Director-General in the recording of video messages and statements, assist in drafting texts, helping to identify and maintain quality standards, and facilitating clearance processes. • Operates and further develops the social media presence of the Director-General, including possible expansion onto new platforms, in line with corporate communications guidance and strategies. • Contribute to the production of social media assets to be used by the Director-General by undertaking research, identifying occasions and target audiences, preparing production plans, writing drafts, and obtaining clearances. • Research, analyze and present information gathered from diverse sources; seek input and information from substantive staff, review relevant material, project documents and reports with a view to drafting statements, talking points and other communication products for the Director-General while ensuring policy coherence and accuracy. • Works closely with advocacy, programme/project support counterparts in UNON and the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) on public information and advocacy activities as required. •W orks with UNIC to support the Director-General in determining photo and video requirements and liaise with colleagues in relevant Sections to ensure their fulfilment. Maintain an archive of photo and video materials for the Director-General. • In close liaison with the responsible colleagues and Sections, participates in the development of graphic, text and multimedia assets with a view to use by the Director-General. • Acts as focal point in ODG for the UNON website, updating it on a regular basis with content, including images and text. • Analyses programmatic data/information from UN actors and key national partners to inform and design external communication and enhance awareness on the work of UNON in supporting the UN family globally. • Monitors and analyses daily media for stories and opportunities related to UNON activities and mandates. • Assists in the development and implementation of a digital content strategy and contributes to the development of key communications and advocacy products (e.g. human-interest stories (i.e. on disability inclusion, gender, racism), multilingual and multimedia content, etc.). • Provides support to exercises exploring the applicability of new and emerging tools and techniques to digital communications and advocacy activities to reach a wider, younger audience. • Supports public engagement on the Director-General’s role and work, including through highlighting engagement with the Host Country, engagement with Member States, gender issues, the disability inclusion strategy, and other relevant issues, and promoting the work of the Director-General in key thematic areas.. • Contributes to regular liaison with other partners for content development, information exchange, collaborative communication efforts, and innovative communication and advocacy tools, as assigned. • Assists in the development and implementation of a digital content strategy and contributes to the development of key communications and advocacy products (e.g., human-interest stories, multilingual and multimedia content, etc.) • Provides support to exercises exploring the applicability of new and emerging tools and techniques to digital communications and advocacy activities to reach a wider, younger audience on the priorities of UNON and of the Secretary-General. • Produces public relations materials, edits and layout reports and other promotional material, and assist with planning, publicising, and carrying out special events. • Monitors, analyses and reports on social media trends and impact, and contribute to reporting as well as monitoring and evaluating results. • Performs other work-related duties as assigned

☒ Accountability ☒ Adaptability and Flexibility ☒ Building Trust ☒ Client Orientation ☒ Commitment and Motivation ☒ Commitment to Continuous Learning ☒ Communication ☒ Ethics and Values ☒ Integrity ☒ Planning and Organizing ☒ Professionalism ☒ Respect for Diversity ☒ Self-Management ☒ Technological Awareness ☒ Working in Teams

programme communications and advocacy in the context of development is required. - Experience managing some resources, including personnel and budget, to support communications and advocacy activities in a local context, is desirable. - Knowledge of another UN official language is an advantage.

The Republic of Kenya is an equatorial nation on the coast of East Africa, neighboring Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Indian Ocean. Kenya has two levels of Government; National Government and 47 sub-national Governments called Counties. Counties are further divided into sub-counties. Kenya is a multi-party state with Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Kenya’s population of more than 40 million is growing at an annual rate of 2.2%. The country’s GNP per capita estimated at purchasing power parity (PPP) is $975, and the GNP is growing at an average rate of 0.1% annually. More than 26% of Kenya’s people live below the international poverty line of $1 per day. Kenya’s main food crops are “maize, wheat, pulses, roots and tubers.” (FAO).

Nairobi is a modern metropolitan city where most basic goods and services, health facilities, public transport, telecommunication and banking services and educational facilities are readily available. The city is widely connected through its main airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and the smaller Wilson Airport. Air transport is also available to many up country destinations. The city is home to some 3,000 UN personnel mainly attributed to the fact that it serves as the headquarters for both the UN HABITAT and UNEP.

The socio-economic and cultural background of the immediate society the UNV would be living and working in is diverse and prevailing security conditions at the place of assignment is modest. The topographic and climatic features of the assignment location is highland cool and warm tropical climate.

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