Audit Supervisor, CAAP and Ukraine

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Audit Supervisor, CAAP and Ukraine


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About Group Internal Audit

Now is an exciting time to join our team! Join the World Bank’s Internal Audit team (GIA), and you will have opportunities to take risks, challenge the status quo and shape the future by supporting the World Bank mission for the greater good. We are looking for people who can think innovatively, are enthusiastic, and who enjoy working in teams.

GIA helps to protect and enhance World Bank’s processes by providing independent, objective, and insightful risk-based assurance and advisory services. We encourage you to visit our website and read our latest annual report to learn more about us. GIA is headed by the Vice President and Auditor General (AG). The Director of Strategy and Operations (DSO) supports the AG.

Duties & accountabilities:

The incumbent, under the supervision of the Manager (CAAP and Ukraine), and the DSO, will help drive the implementation of:

• GIA’s Country Assurance and Advisory Program (CAAP),

• GIA’s independent oversight of the World Bank’s support to Ukraine.

The Audit Supervisor, CAAP and Ukraine, will apply a systematic approach to assess the governance, risk management, and internal controls of both World Bank-country and specifically Ukraine-related processes and operations by providing assurance and advice.

The Audit Supervisor will be under the supervision of the Manager (CAAP and Ukraine) required to:

• Identify key areas where World Bank operations and processes for in-country or headquarters are at heightened risk or can be improved. This will include risk and assurance intelligence gathering, data analytics, and assurance engagements covering project supervision, administrative processes, inspections, and probity.

• Perform assurance engagements in countries affected by Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV), given that such countries constitute central challenges to the achievement of the World Bank’s Twin Goals;

• Coordinate with regional management, donors, and the broader international oversight community of other development, humanitarian, and implementing partners;

• Consult and coordinate with corporate units such as Finance, Budget, Risk Management, Security, and other Oversight and Accountability units.

The Audit Supervisor (CAAP and Ukraine) will be responsible for the following:

Business/Work Program Management:

• Helping undertake a regular comprehensive risk assessment of the World Bank institutions in relation to GIA's CAAP and Ukraine program.

• Delivering the approved work program by managing individual assurance and advisory engagements;

• Providing guidance to staff on planning, fieldwork, and reporting of individual assurance and advisory engagements and delivering high-quality assurance and advisory reports that meet GIA’s professional practice and quality standards;

• Helping lead the follow-up process to monitor and ensure that management actions have been effectively implemented or that senior management has accepted the risk of not taking action;

• Ensuring the integration of application auditing and usage of data analytics where possible and adequate;

• Supporting the Manager on key initiatives in line with GIA’s strategic direction.

People/ Talent Management:

• Supporting in the management of the unit’s staff, including the recruitment, coaching, performance evaluation and career development guidance.

• Helping the Manager to mentor and develop staff: Able to identify staff’s performance gaps, develop appropriate course of action, provide feedback to team members, and work with staff to address the gaps while nurturing emerging talent;

• Assisting the Manager in identifying career development opportunities for staff in collaboration with HR, clients, other oversight units, other multilateral development banks, and relevant industry associations.

• Promoting a culture of effective teamwork.

Resource Management:

• Supporting the Manager in overseeing resources for the development and delivery of the work program. Resources include staff, administrative budget, consultants, and co-sourcing partners.

Relationship Management

• Supporting GIA Management in building strong relationships across the World Bank.

• Collaborating with other risk management, second line, and oversight units, including the Independent Evaluation Group, the Integrity Vice Presidency, the Inspection Panel, and Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, to identify areas of coordinated assurance to increase synergy and avoid duplication of work.

• Establishing strong working relationships with external assurance functions of other development institutions, humanitarian and aid organizations, donors and civil society organizations.

Knowledge Management:

• Capturing critical business knowledge relevant to audits, sharing the knowledge with all staff, to help build a robust knowledge base of the organization’s public sector activities within GIA.

• Supporting in the developing a staff learning plan for CAAP, and facilitating the execution of it.

• Proposing and implementing knowledge sharing and learning sessions for GIA staff; and

• Sharing GIA’s internal audit practices and knowledge with World Bank staff working in other risk management, oversight units, and development partners.

Selection Criteria

• Current or prior experience with the World Bank is preferred.

• MS/MA/MBA (advanced degree) in a related field.

• The Audit Supervisor will perform a key role in GIA’s effective coordination with donors, development partners, and the broader international oversight community. This role requires a candidate with solid leadership skills, and a record for delivering results. A strong, persuasive, and clear communicator who is comfortable with a diverse range of stakeholders (including beneficiaries, government officials and the Board).

• MS/MA (advanced degree) in a related field.

• A minimum of 8 years of relevant business experience, preferably in development banks and agencies, international organizations, large non-profit organizations, or multilateral companies. A background in the private as well as the public sector would be an asset. For a non-MS/MA degree holder, a minimum of 11 years of relevant experience is required.

• A professional qualification is preferred (i.e., Certified Internal Auditor, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Fraud Examiners, Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant or equivalent). Non-holders would be required to obtain, at a minimum, with GIA’s support, the Certified Internal Auditor Practitioner accreditation within 2 years of assuming the Audit Supervisor role.

• Understanding of leading internal audit practices.

• An understanding of leading internal audit practices and experience in applying them through assurance engagements, preferably in fragile, conflict or violent countries.

• Ability and experience in working collaboratively across institutional boundaries to grasp issues on World Bank’s policies and strategy and its evolution roadmap is a plus.

• Extensive operational and field experience; knowledge and/or experience of World Bank’s policies and of country engagement work, lending, and Trust Fund products and programs, is desirable.

• Critical thinking and the ability to understand business activities in a broad strategic context, linking them to business objectives.

• Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

• Excellent ability to reach out to clients and partners and build relationships and alliances.

• Ability to effectively prepare, present, and discuss results in written and oral form to convey complex ideas in an engaging manner with clarity, precision, and balance.

• Proven track record of navigating a sensitive business environment to achieve intended results.

• Ability to maintain objectivity and independence as an assessor under pressure from various competing interests in controversial situations.

• Proven track record of executing with a high sense of accountability, demonstrating a high level of productivity and quality, consistently looking for new ways to apply skills and get work done.

• Ability to focus on continuous improvement by questioning the status quo, challenging self and others to identify opportunities to increase GIA's efficiency on delivering impactful results.

• Capability to improve results by generating, encouraging, and supporting new ideas or approaches.

• Experience in leading a multi-functional, multi-cultural team and keeping people motivated.

• Willingness and ability to travel extensively, including to FCV countries, is required.

Bank Managerial Competencies:

Fostering Openness to New Ideas - Invites others into the decision-making process through collaboration, group discussion and debate. Creates an environment in which respect, equity, and positive recognition of differences are cultivated. Adjusts tactics or approach in response to input from others. Requests feedback with the intention of acting based on consideration of that feedback. Encourages others to seek diverse views from across the organization. Identifies ways to ensure that diversity of thought is incorporated into and strengthens our overall solutions and approaches to problem solving.

Building Talent for the Future - Provides challenging stretch assignments to build employee capabilities and increase confidence for handling situations in the future. Broadens others' understanding; for example, exposes them to broader business issues and provides growth opportunities even when this involves risk for meeting short term goals. Encourages others and provides feedback after a setback to help them learn from their experience, expressing confidence in their ability to grow. Takes ownership for people that they develop and promote. Consistently finds ways to identify and spotlight diverse talent and provide them with tangible opportunities to develop and broaden their skill sets.

Leading the Team for Impact - Obtains the necessary resources to enable the team to do their jobs, including hiring or attracting the best people with the right skills from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. Directly addresses performance related issues, consistently motivates team to high performance standards. Looks for ways to differentiate rewards to recognize individual and team performance and give credit where credit is due. Protects the team and their actions/decisions from negative influences when actions/decisions are based on sound judgment and in line with World bank values/mission.

Influencing Across Boundaries - Has broad networks and can use them to influence indirectly within and outside of own unit or department. Leverages understanding of the informal organizational network to develop trusting relationships; for example, knows who influences whom and seeks their involvement in influencing the target audience. Invests personal energy and time in building buy-in to ideas, strategic direction or key decisions. Recognizes that diversity may lead to different opinions and values and ensures that its impact is incorporated into their approach to persuading.

Courage of your Convictions - Leads in a decisive, firm and fair manner, inviting, encouraging, and listening to all other's opinions and suggestions and making decisions based on expertise, data, and an understanding of what is best. Facilitates open debate and remains confident when challenged, stating the rationale for one's views clearly. After stating one's views clearly and confidently, stands by team and organizational decisions regardless of personal viewpoint.

Core Competencies

Lead and Innovate - Fosters open discussions with broad audiences to set vision and establish buy-in for innovation that can enhance World Bank effectiveness. Inspires others to develop innovative solutions that have a development impact and advocates for changes and application of new methods to enhance results. Develops partnerships and relationships that enable the World Bank to achieve results through innovation.

Deliver Results for Clients - Creates opportunities that are aligned with the mission to increase impact and leads initiatives to take advantage of these opportunities. Proactively guides clients to see the possibilities in innovative approaches and solutions. Takes full accountability for managing risk and ensuring outcomes consistent with World Bank strategy.

Collaborate within Teams and Across Boundaries - Clearly articulates and models expectations of collaborative behavior, recognizes collaboration and contributions of others. Provides safe environment for exchange of ideas where people feel free to express dissenting opinions, handling conflicts as opportunities and problems to be solved. Prioritizes World Bank corporate goals over individual or team goals when in conflict.

Create, Apply and Share Knowledge - Leverages external knowledge and partnerships to strengthen solutions for internal and/or external clients. Is known across World Bank and externally in their subject area and is routinely sought out by World Bank colleagues to advise, peer review, or contribute to knowledge products of others. Encourages a learning culture by seeking out and being open to feedback, as well as effectively mentoring others, on how to improve contribution and impact through continuous learning and knowledge acquisition. Builds networks of experts and clients to share knowledge and experience for the purpose of strengthening internal and/or external client solutions as well as World Bank 's role as convener and facilitator of knowledge.

Make Smart Decisions - Makes timely decisions, which anticipate, evaluate and plan for the impact across organizational boundaries and stakeholder groups. Demonstrates the confidence to make bold decisions quickly, balancing speed and thoroughness even in the face of ambiguous circumstances. Takes accountability for decisions that involve higher levels of risk, collaborates effectively with stakeholders to minimize risks involved

World Bank Group Core Competencies

The World Bank Group offers comprehensive benefits, including a retirement plan; medical, life and disability insurance; and paid leave, including parental leave, as well as reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity and inclusive employer with a dedicated and committed workforce, and do not discriminate based on gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

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