Agente de Atendimento Local Floresta+ (Manaus)

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This is a UNV National Youth contract. This kind of contract is known as National UN Volunteer. It is normally only for nationals. More about UNV National Youth contracts.

Brazil received funds from the Green Climate Fund for the project “Payments for REDD+ results for results achieved by Brazil in the Amazon biome in 2014 and 2015”. Results-based payments received by Brazil from the GCF will contribute to the implementation of actions in the forest sector of Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and the overall objective of Brazil’s National Strategy for REDD+ (ENREDD+). This project has two main results:

1) Development of a pilot project on Payment for Environmental Services for the Conservation and Recovery of Native Vegetation (Forest+ Amazon Project); and 2) Strengthening of the implementation of ENREDD+ in Brazil, through improvements in its structure and governance systems.

The CAR analysis and validation process demands a great effort on the part of the competent state agencies. To assist them in this process, the Support Plan for the states of the Legal Amazon was established for the implementation of the Forest+ Amazonia pilot project. This plan provides for communication and engagement actions with landowners and holders of rural properties, strengthening of CAR analysis teams, support in meeting requests for CAR rectifications, and support for the structuring of dynamic CAR analysis systems at the state level. These actions are expected to increase the number of eligible candidates for the Forest+ Amazonia pilot project.

With the expansion of eligible candidates for the Project, the aforementioned plan also foresees actions to support owners and holders of rural properties in their enrollment in the Forest+ Conservation and Forest+ Recuperation modalities.

The UN Volunteer, Local Service Agent - Specialist in Geoprocessing, will be responsible for implementing at the state level the Support Plan for the Legal Amazon states, and for the Forest+ Amazonia Pilot Project, so that there is a greater number of candidates eligible for the Forest+ modalities Conservation and Recovery.

Initial contract for 6 months , with possibility of extension for up to 18 months, dependent on continuation of mandate, availability of funding, operational necessity and satisfactory performance; there is no guarantee of assignment extension.

Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, Project Management Unit, or their designated representative(s) and the Local Floresta+ coordinator, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for the execution at the state level of the actions of the Plan to Support the States of the Legal Amazon, and for the implementation of the Floresta+ Amazônia Pilot Project, including the following activities:

• Prepare the Working Plan together with the Project Management Unit and the Forest+ Local Coordinator, and to execute it as established; • Support IPAAM in the process of verifying data received from specialized technical service providers contracted within the scope of the Floresta+ Amazônia Project for the analysis and validation of Rural Environmental Registries – CAR; • Provide face-to-face and remote assistance to owners of rural properties with up to 4 fiscal modules, for access to the owner/possessor center in the Rural Environmental Registry System (SIMCAR). This service may take place at the IPAAM, State Secretariats, Federations, Unions and Rural Cooperatives and other institutions, according to the activity plan. • Help small family farmers of rural properties with up to 4 Fiscal Modules to carry out the declaration of their rural properties in the "CAR - Cadastro Ambiental Rural" and/or the correction of their registers; • Support the Local Coordinator in technical training events at the State Secretariats for the Environment and Agriculture, as well as at institutions supporting rural property owners and holders on procedures for joining the Forest+ Amazonia pilot project; • Support, within the scope of State Secretariats, Federations, Unions and Rural Cooperatives, among other institutions, the owners, and holders of rural properties of up to 4 fiscal modules, in the process of meeting the notifications and rectification of the CAR; • Inform procedures for complying with CAR analysis notifications and the environmental regularization process; • Provide response to queries regarding the implementation of the "Lei de Proteção da Vegetação Nativa (Código Florestal Brasileiro)", focusing on the possible benefits of recovering areas or forest assets existing in the property; • Engage with owners and holders to join the Floresta+ Amazonia Pilot Project; • Assist potential beneficiaries of the Floresta+ Amazonia Pilot Project in joining the project; • Other related tasks may be requested or assigned by the supervisor.

Results/Expected Outputs As an active member of the UNDP team, the UN Volunteers are expected to provide efficient, responsive, friendly and high quality support to the Floresta+ Pilot Project and its beneficiaries in fulfilling its functions, including: • Expansion of CAR analysis directed to rural properties of interest to the Forest+ pilot project, analyzed in accordance with Law No. 12,651/2012 • Strengthening of the competent state agency for family Agriculture in the use the streamlined analysis, and the rectification and environmental regularization modules of the SICAR or State System; • Increase in the number of eligible entries in the Floresta+ pilot project. • The Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and documented in all activities throughout the assignment. • A final statement of accomplishments in relation to volunteering for peace and development during the assignment, such as reports on the number of volunteers deployed, activities engaged and capacities developed

Adaptability and Flexibility, Commitment and Motivation, Commitment to Continuous Learning, Communication, Integrity, Planning and Organizing, Professionalism, Working in Teams

socio-environmental analysis of rural properties with a focus on the Federal Law nº 12651/2012 in the location of the assignment (state of Amazonas) • Proven professional experience in the "CAR - Cadastro Ambiental Rural", for instance, with registration, analysis and assistance to the owner/holder of rural property is required; • Demonstrated knowledge of "Lei de Proteção da Vegetação Nativa (Código Florestal Brasileiro)" and related regulations. • Professional experience in Geoprocessing and Geographic Information Systems.

Desirable skills and experience:

• Certification in courses related to the registration and analysis of rural properties in the "CAR - Cadastro Ambiental Rural • Experience in carrying out socioeconomic registrations, demographic censuses or similar activities; • Experience with federal and/or state public administration institutions. • Professional experience with the CAR - Cadastro Ambiental Rural, such as, for example, with registration, analysis and assistance to the owner/occupant of rural property

Functional Competencies:

• Excellent oral and written skills; excellent writing, formulation and reporting skills; • Rigor and professionalism in the production and editing of documents; • Excellent interpersonal skills; culturally and socially sensitive; ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a variety of partners, including grassroots community members, faith-based and youth organizations and authorities at different levels; familiarity with development communication tools and approaches; • Ability to work and adapt professionally and effectively in a challenging environment; ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of international and national staff; • Solid computer knowledge, including proficiency with MS Office tools (Excel, Word, Power Point etc.) and e-mail / internet; familiarity with database management; and office technology equipment; • Motivated, able to work with minimal supervision; and ability to work to tight deadlines; • Demonstrate understanding of security requirements.

The activity will be carried out throughout the territorial extension of the State of Amazonas, in the priority areas of the Forest+ Amazonia pilot project. The UN Volunteer will be based in Manaus and will be available to travel frequently to the project areas within the state.

The security level in Brazil is moderate (3). The United Nations Department for Safety and Security - UNDSS Brazil advises to exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil due to the high levels of serious and violent crimes, particularly in large cities. Violent crimes such as robberies, armed robberies, kidnappings and sexual assaults are very high. All UN personnel must strictly comply with UNDSS procedures and recommendations during their assignment in Brazil. For missions to rural areas or indigenous reserves, special procedures may apply. UN personnel should consult with the local DSS office in advance.

As this is a national UN Volunteer assignment, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for organizing their own housing and other essentials. The UN National Volunteers are part of the malicious insurance plan.

The UN Volunteer will receive a monthly living allowance (circa R$ 7.675,42) and other benefits, including medical and life insurance. Specific UN Volunteer entitlements, including insurance coverage, Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA), and Deployment / Repatriation lump sums, among others, are available at . The complete UN Volunteer Conditions of Service is available at

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