Whole of Syria: Deputy Country Logistics Manager


Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. ACTED endeavors to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential.

We go the last mile: ACTED’s mission is to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard-to-reach areas. With a team of 5,900 national staff and 400 international staff, ACTED is active in 38 countries and implements more than 500 projects a year, reaching over 20 million beneficiaries.


Since 2012, ACTED has been implementing projects with vulnerable communities in Syria with a two-fold approach: ACTED provides life-saving support to vulnerable displaced persons, returnees, and host communities across Syria, through multi-sectorial rapid emergency services, and implements a wide range of resilience building interventions. Thus, ACTED has been able to strengthen its links with Syrian local communities and to develop an in-depth knowledge of local dynamics. A team of 900+ is currently working in Syria.

You will be in charge of

1. Human resources management and capacity building: • The DCLM ensures that their operational Area is adequately supported by sufficient qualified, trained, staff. This includes planning and carrying out recruitment, design and implementation of an appropriate training program, developing work plans and follow-ups, and taking necessary corrective actions. • Contribute to the development of the logistics department organigram in their operational Area, in collaboration with the CD and CLM; • Responsible for all stages of recruitment for Capital Office-based national logistics staff for their operational Area, as well as supporting in the recruitment of international logistics staff and interns; • Carry out regular (as the evolving security situation allows) support visits to their operational Area; • Organize regular training & refreshers about ACTED procedures, lessons learnt, FAQ, etc. through in-person training, remote (Skype-based) sessions, ad hoc spot checks, prompt and appropriate feedback, etc. • Plan & conduct logistics staff appraisals; identify staff with potential for internal mobility. • Capitalize on lessons learnt through memos, training module, etc. for continuous improvements of logistics compliance in-country, under the supervision of the CLM.

2. Project cycle management : • Support the design of budgets by checking main unit prices as well as maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of running costs, donor regulations, and any relevant capacities and/or restrictions for key planned procurements on the local market. • Contribute to Kick Off Meetings (KOM-KOM FLA), ensuring all staff are aware of category- and donor-specific adaptations for all logistics aspects of the project. • Act as Logistics focal point for project follow-up, actively participating in country level coordination meetings by reporting on progress and risks. • Contribute to the development of the procurement plan for every project, in close coordination with the CLM, taking into consideration project constraints, donors & ACTED procurement guidelines, and any other specifics. • Contribute in project retro-planning operation, define timelines and identify critical procurement by it’s technicity. • Contribute to Close Out Meetings (COM) and end-of-project reporting. Ensure final project reports are shared with HQ and Project Development on schedule.

3. Contribute to design and implementation of the Logistics Country Strategy • Contributes to the design of WoS strategic objective by a critical analysis of structural issues, bottlenecks, processes that are unclear or not applicable. • Contributes to plan on implementation and roll out of objectives, through a project management approach, building up retro planning, consultation with different stakeholders. Participate in creation of tools, systems, memo or standard operating procedures prior to implementation. • Contributes in training materials creation, lead information’s sessions and communication in order to implement a full inclusive approach.

4. Contribute to timely, cost efficient & transparent procurement & supply management in-country: 4.1. Procurement • Acting as a focal point for Project Managers and Area Logistics teams, review and advise on 100% of Order Forms (OFs), Offers, Procurement Memos (PM), Contracts (PC) and other procurement documentation for Scenarios Reinforced C, D, E, and F, including waived budget lines to ensure that ACTED procurement guidelines are applied at all times. • Responsible for the design, launch, and manage high-value, complex procurement in their operational Area, including Scenario E, F, and FWA procurement, obtaining HQ approval and/or donor approval where applicable. • Accountable for the overall quality of all Scenario Reinforced C, D, E, and F procurement in their operational Area, supervising and following up on work delegated to Logistics Officers. • Ensure adherence to the procurement plan for every project taking into consideration project constraints, donors & ACTED procurement guidelines, and any other specifics. • Ensure the timely implementation of procurements under his/her responsibility in full compliance with ACTED logistics procedures, in particular procurement scenarios & level of authorizations: anticipate & request waivers to the CLM according to the project chronogram to meet operational deadlines; follow-up selection & contract signature according to level of authorizations. • Anticipate procurement risks such as tender failure, delivery planning, seasonality, budget restrictions, custom clearance, etc., and liaise efficiently with other departments and the CLM to mitigate such risks. Major risks identified should be directly raised to the CLM promptly. • Apply the value for money principle throughout the procurement process by implementing sound financial comparisons, accurately documented quality checks, etc. • Liaise with Area Logistics teams to plan delivery and stock reception according to available warehouse capacity.

4.2. Traceability • Ensure the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of procurement documentation as detailed in ACTED Logistics Manual (tender documents, contracts, quotations, etc.), including weekly review of electronic archives against the Order Form Follow-Up (OFFU). • Carry out regular spot-checks on electronic and physical archiving and take preventative action to ensure availability of 100% of documentation.

4.3. Strategic sourcing • Contribute to developing the country-level supplier database to ensure that it remains up to date, building a strategic view of sourcing in their operational Area. • Support the development and implementation of market surveys. • Contribute to maintaining FWAs in alignment with ACTED procurement guidelines to ensure constant availability of essential services and supplier performance remains in-line with defined KPIs. • Build on lessons learned to ensure that procurement modalities are appropriate to the category and context, as well as in-line with relevant donor requirements. Ensure that country-level procurement category SOPs are kept up to date.

5. Contribute to timely, cost efficient & transparent transversal logistics management: 5.1. Stock management • Contribute to the development and maintenance of warehouse infrastructure, the safety of stock under ACTED control, and inventory level management. Support field in proposing solutions and reviewing storage strategies. • Review stock in, stock exit, and stock cards and ensure correct filing on the server with the monthly TITANIC reports. • Provide timely advice to Area Logistics teams to ensure the exhaustion of stocks before the project ending dates and provide projects final stock reports to the CLM as per donors’ guidelines. • Handle random checks during field visits as well as amongst daily management tasks to check overall traceability of items, supporting the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of stocks & deliveries documentation as detailed in ACTED logistics manual (stock reception vouchers, stocks cards, stock exit forms, etc.).

5.2. Fleet & fuel management • Contribute to provision of energy to offices and guesthouses by:

o Providing advice on needs for energy provision (considering city power, generator size, solar panels, etc.) and effective fuel management – minimizing and reporting losses – where applicable. o Carrying out procurement for high-value assets and fleet, in line with country-specific best practice and operational needs, with appropriate contractual protections. o Following up on TRA-06 to ensure preventative maintenance is carried out on ACTED generators in line with suppliers’ contractual obligations.

• In collaboration with the Security & Fleet, Coordination, and Country Logistics Departments plan fleet requirements at least three months in advance of contract end-dates. • Review calculations and check the monthly cost of each vehicle (fuel consumption, repairs, insurance, logbooks, fuel slips & bills, etc.); investigate major over-costs; report major increases in fleet costs to the CLM. • Support the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of fleet & transportation documentation as detailed in ACTED logistics manual (logbooks, maintenance sheets, administrative authorizations, insurance cards, etc.).

5.3. Transport management • Analyze transport needs for development of trucking FWAs (e.g. inclusion of new areas, services, etc.). • Coordinate with Area Logistics for matters relating to cross-border deliveries, cross-loading, etc. • Coordinate with Project Managers, Area Coordination, and Area Logistics to inform them of any delay in delivery on all procurement managed at regional office level

5.4. Asset management • Accountable for the overall compliance with assets, properties and premises management procedures, the safety, security, and working condition of all ACTED assets. • Review and feedback on the monthly asset follow-up (AST-05) and property follow-up (AST-06). With Area Logistics, investigate and document any loss or damage. • Contribute to regular staff training and refreshers. • Support the transfer or donation of assets before project ending dates, and the projects final asset reports for the CLM as per donors’ guidelines. • Assess the need for additional equipment premise in cooperation with Area Logistics, Senior IT Officer, and Area Coordinators; • Regularly control asset documentation (hard copy Asset Card, vouchers, technical manuals, repair and maintenance documents, Maintenance/Repair Cards, and regular audit of the Monthly Asset Follow-Up AST-05) to support the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of asset documentation as detailed in ACTED logistics manual (registration cards, etc.).

5.5. Telecommunication and Information Technology Management • With support from the Senior ITC Officer, contribute to the design, development, and deployment of ITC systems and tools across the mission, in line with the country ITC Plan, ad hoc requests from HQ, donor requirements, etc. Ensure standard ITC systems and tools are routinely used in their operational Area and make regular recommendations for improvements. • With support from the Senior IT Officer and Area Logistics, ensure fit-for-purpose, good value for money internet connectivity for all ACTED offices and guesthouses in their operational Area, in line with local regulations and ACTED policies. • Design, launch, and manage procurement for ITC equipment and services in their operational Area. • Control costs through regular market assessments, review of COM-02 and monthly internet and cell phone payments. • Regularly review procurement records against AST-05 to ensure harmonization between files, to support the efficient & exhaustive circulation, filing & archiving of asset documentation as detailed in ACTED logistics manual (registration cards, etc.).

5.6. Compliance with ACTED and donor requirements • Ensure ACTED logistics manual is applied for all operations under his/her direct responsibility; contribute to improve logistics procedures knowledge by logistics, finance, program and coordination teams; • Promote the zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption and ensure adherence to ACTED Code of Conduct and Anti-Fraud policy; • Ensure that the monthly logistics TITANIC is complete and correct before submission to the CLM supervision, carefully checking the reliability & relevance of data reported from field offices. • Overall follow-up of logistics activities in their operational Area, including the following information: • Weekly (Sunday/Monday) follow-up of procurement status (priorities, new procurements, and action plans as needed) • Monthly assets, communication, ITC, property, stock, and transport follow-ups; • Regular updates/issues reporting to the Country Logistics Manager and Country Director.

6. Reporting The duties and responsibilities under sections 3 (Procurement) and 4 (Transversal Logistics) are subject to regular reporting to the CLM and HQ. The reporting schedule is defined in ACTED Logistics Manual but may be subject to reinforcement at either the Area or Country level. The DCLM responsibilities for reporting include but are not limited to: • Weekly review of the Order Form Follow-Up (OFFU) and Deliveries Follow-Up (DEL-03) with Logistics Officers and Coordination:

o Set priorities according to Program needs in their operational Area. o Identify and resolve blocking points, escalating to the CLM where applicable. o Check with Area Logistics that sufficient warehouse space and trucking/transport capacity is available. o Feedback to Program Managers and support with forward planning.

• Overall responsibility for the TITANIC reports:

o On a monthly basis review and feedback on AST-05, AST-06, COM-02, STO-02, TRA-06 and IT-4, IT-05, IT-06, and IT-07 to Area Logistics, compile and share the country TITANIC with HQ. o Follow-Up on corrections and requests for additional information from Area Logistics. o Ensure 100% upload of scanned supporting documents (e.g. logbooks, stock cards, etc.) to the server. o Monthly review of PRO-12 with the CLM.

7. Security and Safety Management:

• Contribute to contingency planning in their operational Area, particularly regarding asset follow-up and sanitization, delivering trainings, and facilitating payments to critical suppliers.

• Important: This section of the DCLM shall not affect his/her other responsibilities but only consists of additional support to the PR/Security & Fleet work as he is in contact with various sources of information.

o Share any security information received with the Security Department; o Contribute to the implementation of safety and security standards for ACTED staff (international and local), appropriate to local context, including in the office, guesthouses, and in transit. o Ensure high-level security of all ACTED assets, property and resources.

Expected skills and qualifications

  • Due to the need for enhanced due diligence practices in Syria, experience in procurement and supply chain management in the Syrian context is an asset for this position.
  • Significant experience in Logistics, Procurement, or Supply Chain Management. Knowledge of the humanitarian sector and international experience would be an asset.
  • Holding or working towards a qualification in logistics, procurement, supply chain management, business administration, or similar. Experience or knowledge of one or more of the following areas would be an additional asset: agriculture, construction, food supply, inventory and property management, technology, transport, water, sanitation and hygiene services.
  • Able to inspire, motivate, train, advise, and support Logistics staff under his/her management in all aspects of humanitarian Logistics (including assets, fleet, and premises management, procurement, stock management and warehousing).
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Diligent, dedicated, and able to see complex procedures through to completion.
  • Excellent communication skills, with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Self-motivated, Carrying values and having the “ACTED DNA” is an asset.
  • Fluent written and spoken English.
  • Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office (particularly Excel, Outlook, and Word).
  • Excellent analyses skills, able to zoom in and out and build up a macro vision on complex procurement context and areas.
  • Excellent problem-solving ability, having the ability to think out of the box is an asset.
  • Strong understanding of the need for collaborative tools and workflow, and how to follow SOP for remote management of priorities and documentation.


  • Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid depending on education level, expertise, security level and experience
  • Living allowance of 300 USD
  • Lodging and food provided in the ACTED Guesthouse / or housing allowance (depending on the contract lenght and country of assignement)
  • Flight tickets in and out + Visa taken in charge by ACTED
  • Provision of medical and repatriation insurances

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