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Our organization is working on developing an Eco-village under which we have 'Family Farmer' project. This is to help farmers to produce organic food products and market it to consumers in city. Our emphasis is on 'Responsible consumption and production' which addresses SDG12.

This Web Design and Development task consists of creating an E-commerce platform to connect farmers in Vidarbha with the consumers in cities to market their organic produce. This platform may give access to consumers to register themselves through website to receive organic vegetables/food grains at their doorstep from the local farmer. Further consumers may get thorough information of the farmers to visit their farms, which may help to promote agro-tourism.

Our team has developed an E-Commerce platform to connect farmers with consumers. Now the only task left is the publishing of the platform. For that we are asking support from the selected Online Volunteers. One of the three Online Volunteer will work on running applications on servers, managing domains, keeping servers online, keeping applications healthy, and making sure that audiences have access to the software.

Another one will help to work on front-end development under which he/she is responsible for developing the webpages on which users may visit. Third one will work on back-end development to manage the data received from the users.

This assignment will start on 20th April and will end after 4 weeks from the starting date.

Based on the task performed candidates should have the following skills:

For front-end development: - Fully experienced with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript - Knowing the principles of responsive and mobile-first design of web applications - Knowing the principles of an standard Graphical User Interface design and implementation - Knowing the principles of RESTful APIs - Familiar with PHP - Experienced with GIT - High remote teamwork and communication skills - Documentation and UI/UX prototyping skills

For back-end development: - Fully experienced with Python Django framework - Fully experienced with MySQL DBMS and Transact SQL - Experienced with GIT - Former experience with Docker is a positive - Former experience with Linux is a positive - High remote teamwork and communication skills - Documentation skills

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