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This is a ICS-10 contract. This kind of contract is known as International Civil Service. It usually requires 5 years of experience, depending on education. More about ICS-10 contracts.

Background Information - Job-specific

ENGLISH: This is a group of vetted UNOPS personnel working in the Project Management domain who apply for inclusion in this pool as their projects with UNOPS are coming to an end within the following 6 months of their application or ended within the last 6 months of their application. Those Project Managers (PMs) are currently working with UNOPS or have recently separated due to their project closure. This pool is considered as a resource for hiring managers willing to hire Project managers, for other projects in the same or a different duty station, to explore to fill their vacancies.

Eligibility criteria: 1. Applicants must be either a current UNOPS regular contract holder; or, a former UNOPS regular contract holder who separated during the last six (6) months. 2. The project in which they are engaged is closing in the coming 6 months or have closed within the last 6 months. 3. Applicants should be working in the project management domain and the Terms of reference against which they were originally hired should be, at least, 70% similar to the generic project manager terms of reference (refer to the functional responsibility in this Vacancy announcement). 4. Have a satisfactory performance rating for the past two (2) performance reviews, if applicable. 5. Should hold a contract at equivalent ICS level to the announcement or higher.

**Only candidate applications who have completed the Google form at the following link will be considered: https://forms.gle/wk1AsUWaW5BVzMnUA **Upon submission of your application, add this filled form as an attachment to your application for review by PCG.****

FRENCH: Il s’agit d’un pool de responsable de projet dûment approuvé·es et qui postulent pour être inclu·es dans ce pool, parce que leurs projets avec l’UNOPS se terminent dans les six mois suivant leur demande ou parce que leurs projets se sont terminés six mois avant leur demande. Ces responsable de projet travaillent actuellement avec l'UNOPS ou s’en sont récemment séparé·es en raison de la clôture de leur projet. Ce pool est considéré comme une ressource à explorer par les “Hiring Managers” désireux·ses d’engager des responsable de projet, pour d’autres projets dans le même lieu d’affectation ou un lieu différent.

Critère d'éligibilité: 1. Etre titulaire d'un contrat régulier de l’UNOPS; ou avoir été titulaire d'un contrat régulier de l'UNOPS et séparé·e de l’UNOPS au cours des six (6) derniers mois 2. Le projet dans lequel les candidat·es sont engagé·es se termine dans les 6 prochains mois ou s’est terminé au cours des 6 derniers mois. 3. Les candidat·es doivent travailler dans le domaine de la gestion de projet et les termes de référence sur les lesquels ils/elles ont été embauché·es s doivent être au moins similaires à 70% aux termes de référence générique du responsable de projet si dessous. 4. Avoir une note de performance satisfaisante pour les deux (2) dernières évaluations de performance, le cas échéant. 5. Pour être pris·es en compte dans le pool de responsable de projet à réaffecter / réembaucher à la clôture de projet, les candidat·es doivent détenir un niveau de ICS équivalent ou supérieur à celui de l'annonce.

Seules les candidatures ayant rempli le formularie Google via le lien suivant seront prises en compte: https://forms.gle//wk1AsUWaW5BVzMnUA** Lors de la soumission de votre demande, ajoutez ce formulaire rempli en pièce jointe à votre demande, pour examen par PCG.**

SPANISH: Es un grupo de gerentes de proyecto revisados ​​que solicitan su inclusión en este grupo ya que sus proyectos con UNOPS están llegando a su fin dentro de los siguientes 6 meses de su solicitud o acabaron durante los últimos 6 meses antes de su aplicación. Eso/as gerentes de proyectos están trabajando actualmente con UNOPS o se han separado/as recientemente debido al cierre de su proyecto. Este grupo se considera como un recurso para lo/as gerentes de contrataciones que desean contratar gerentes de proyecto, para otros proyectos en el mismo lugar de trabajo o en un lugar de trabajo diferente, para cubrir sus vacantes.

Criterio de elegibilidad: 1. Lo/as solicitantes deben ser titulares de contratos regulares mensuales de UNOPS actuales; o, ser ex titular de un contrato regular mensual de UNOPS que se separó durante los últimos seis (6) meses 2. El proyecto en el que están envueltos se cierra en los próximos 6 meses o se ha cerrado en los últimos 6 meses. 3. Lo/as solicitantes deben trabajar en la práctica de gestión de proyectos y los Términos de Referencia con los que fueron contratado/as originalmente deben ser, al menos, un 70% similares a los términos siguientes de referencia genéricos del rol de Gerente Senior de Proyecto. 4. Tener una evaluación de desempeño satisfactoria para las dos (2) revisiones de desempeño anteriores, si corresponde. 5. Para ser considerado/a para la lista de reasignación / re-contratación de cierre de proyecto, lo/as solicitantes deben tener un nivel de ICS equivalente o superior al del anuncio.

Se considerarán únicamente las aplicaciones de candidatos/as que hayan completado el formulario de Google en el siguiente enlace: https://forms.gle/wk1AsUWaW5BVzMnUA Al enviar su solicitud, agregue este formulario como un archivo adjunto a su solicitud para que PCG lo revise.

Background Information - Job-specific

Organization Context:

The Project Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project(s) and provides services to the different donors, partners and beneficiaries. The Project Manager acts on behalf of the Project Board to manage the project on an ongoing basis during the Implementation Stage. The main responsibility of a Project Manager is to ensure that the project outputs are delivered within the specified project tolerances of time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits. He/she is expected to meet the organization’s performance and delivery goals.

The Project Manager is responsible to create the Implementation Plan, use the Project Initiation Documents (PID), Legal Agreement and have a thorough understanding of the terms, conditions, and the respective roles and responsibilities of the partners/stakeholders to ensure the project(s) outputs are capable of meeting the business cases for both UNOPS and the partner(s). Success of the project(s) and hence Project Manager will be based on the defined Success Criteria.

The project manager for infrastructure projects will be managing project(s) which ultimate goal is to deliver infrastructure physical assets or technical outputs. Those infrastructures are diverse and range from educational and health facilities to roads, bridges, irrigation systems or ports.

The project manager for transactional projects will be managing project(s) which ultimate goal is to provide transactional services to partners, such as HR services, procurement, grants or service contracts.

The project manager for implementation projects will be managing project(s) which ultimate goal is to provide implementation services that contribute to the achievement of partners’ goals. The variety of projects is quite diverse and can range from management of grants, development of strategies to delivery of training or providing technical assistance.

The project manager for advisory projects will be managing project(s) which ultimate goal is to provide advisory services that contribute to the achievement of partners’ goals. The variety of projects is quite diverse and can range from management of grants, development of strategies to delivery of training or providing technical assistance

While the complexity of those projects may vary, maintaining high standards in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability is always expected. Depending on the nature and configuration of the project, the project manager might be executing technical studies, reviews, designs, supervision or operation and maintenance services of one or several physical infrastructure assets, in one or multiple sites. Depending on the implementation modality it may involve large volumes of procurement of goods, services and HR services. UNOPS operates in complex contexts where resources might be scarce, local capacity low and where professional judgement and experience in these environments are of uttermost importance.

Functional Responsibilities


Summary of functions: 1. Project Delivery and Performance 2. Procedures 3. Monitoring and reporting 4. Stakeholder engagement 5. Quality assurance 6. Knowledge management and innovation 7. Personnel Management

1- Project Delivery and Performance - Develop, complete and update implementation plan(s) - Implement the approved plan (including the establishment of milestones) within tolerances set by the Project Board. - Embed sustainability dimensions including social and gender inclusion, environmental and economic aspects into project life span. - Manage the production of the required outputs, taking responsibility for overall progress and use of resources and initiating corrective action where necessary. - Ensure that quality of work packages and deliverables complies with the quality requirements defined in the Implementation Plan. - Liaise with any external suppliers or account managers - Manage acceptance and delivery of work packages - Monitor project progress ensuring that work packages are being executed properly - Control project and work packages changes - Identify, and anticipate in a timely manner, potential risks and issues and advises mitigating measures to senior management/ Project Board so that maximum benefit to partner(s) and other stakeholders is achieved - Identify and report to the supervisor potential business opportunities for UNOPS

2- Procedures

  • Comply with all organizational policy and specifically the Project Management Manual
  • Prepare/adapt all relevant plans for approval by the Project Board.
  • Manage the reporting obligations defined in the Legal Agreement(s) and in the Implementation Plan
  • Ensure maintenance of the project files and lessons learned are recorded
  • Manage budgets, cash flow and obligations to ensure that deliverables are met and payments to contractors and personnel are received on time.
  • Understand and manage UNOPS overheads, allocable charges, and related corporate charges as they apply to the project
  • Understand the unique structures of the UN and budget appropriately for personnel
  • Manage expenditures against the budget (based on accurate financial reports)
  • Where the Project Manager has no delegation as a committing officer, s/he retains these responsibilities and will monitor and instruct/request others to carry out the relevant commitments and disbursements.
  • For project closure purposes, provide a formal handover of the project to the closure manager
  • Support project audit activities, including planning, preparation and coordination during the audits and follow up on audit observations/recommendations

3- Monitoring and reporting

  • Prepare and issue regular project and/or financial reports in accordance with Partner and UNOPS requirements for reporting
  • Regularly review project status, evaluating performance criteria (scope, cost, schedule and quality)
  • Maintain diaries and progress reports as required by the organization’s standard procedures
  • Provide routine oversight and analysis of delivery data within the dashboard system

  • Ensure all project team members track and regularly update milestones and targets for the duration of projects' life span

4- Stakeholder engagement

  • Develop stakeholder profiles and facilitate the formulation of stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Establish solid working relationships with the Project Board (Executive, Senior Users and Senior Suppliers), client and key stakeholders
  • Enable the formulation of project communications plans. Coordinate internal project communications. Monitor the effectiveness of project communications
  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement and communication, ensuring effective timing and interdependency management of communications. Ensure stakeholders are aware of project activities, progress, exceptions and are in a position to accept handover outputs

5- Quality assurance

  • Work with internal stakeholders to ensure projects comply with audit requirements
  • Work with procurement/purchasing staff to ensure effective interface with suppliers' quality systems
  • Coordinate quality reviews of project documents and deliverables
  • Provide quality control for management outputs (project documents, reports, etc.)

6- Knowledge management and innovation

  • Encourage routine and effective capacity building activities are conducted in order to build the long-term and sustainable capacity of staff
  • Actively interact with other Project Managers and the wider PM community to share case studies, lessons learned and best practices
  • Contribute to the oversight of lessons learned procedures, ensuring that lessons learnt are shared in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Participate in the relevant Communities of Practice
  • Research and logging of lessons learned throughout the project life span
  • Provide feedback to Practice Groups on policy, supporting guidance with an aim towards continuous improvement of UNOPS policies

****7-** **Personnel Management**** - Lead and motivate the project management team - Ensure that behavioural expectations of team members are established - Ensure that performance reviews are conducted fairly, accurately and timely - Select, recruit and train team as required and taking into account gender parity and diversity objectives. - Ensure safety and security for all project personnel and comply with UNDSS standards

Education/Experience/Language requirements

Education - Advanced University Degree in a relevant discipline (International Relations, Development Studies, Finance, Economics, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Business, Project Management Architecture, Civil Engineering, Water Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, etc.). - A combination of Bachelor’s degree with an additional 2 years of relevant work experience may be accepted in lieu of the education requirements outlined above

Experience Infrastructure Project Managers: - A minimum of 5 years' experience in Implementing and managing infrastructure projects (roads, damns, bridges, irrigation, health, wind mils, solar power, ports, etc.) is required. - Experience in contract management is an asset. - Knowledge of FIDIC contracts is an asset. - Technical acumen, with the ability to understand and speak to technical project plans and documents. - Experience in planning and applying Health & Safety procedures is an asset. - Experience in developing Procurement strategies is an asset. - Proficient in MS Project and Schedule Analysis is an asset.

Trans-actional Project Managers: - A minimum of 5 years' experience in project management, contract management, financial supervision, HR processes, grants management, procurement projects

Implementation Project Managers: - A minimum of 5 years' experience on implementing complex projects/programmes.

Advisory Project Managers: - A minimum of 5 years' working experience in providing advisory services on (Infrastructure / Finance / HR/ Procurement /Project Management/ etc.) - Experience in process definition and business requirements documentation is an asset.

The below requirements are relevant for all Project Managers: - Experience in developing countries or post conflict environments is an asset. - Experience in writing reports, performing data analysis, and writing technical documents is an asset. - Knowledge of quality assurance methodologies is an asset. - Experience in risk management is an asset. - Experience working in multicultural teams is an asset. - Experience in managing teams is an asset. - Strong analytical capabilities with the ability to manage tasks associated with the development of projects. - Strong Problem Solving Skills.

Language - Full working knowledge of English or French or Spanish is required.

  • Knowledge of another official UNOPS language is an asset.

Certifications - Certification in Project Management (PRINCE2, PMI, etc.) is an asset. - Complete the UNOPS PMM, UNOPS PMM Infra perspective and oneUNOPS Projects trainings within (3) months from joining UNOPS.

  • For Infranstructure Project Managers: Professional certification from an accredited institution ( PEng., CEng. , etc) is an asset


Develops and implements sustainable business strategies, thinks long term and externally in order to positively shape the organization. Anticipates and perceives the impact and implications of future decisions and activities on other parts of the organization Treats all individuals with respect; responds sensitively to differences and encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness. Role model for diversity and inclusion.

Acts as a positive role model contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. For people managers only: Acts as positive leadership role model, motivates, directs and inspires others to succeed, utilizing appropriate leadership styles. Demonstrates understanding of the impact of own role on all partners and always puts the end beneficiary first. Builds and maintains strong external relationships and is a competent partner for others (if relevant to the role). Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities and takes the initiative to act on them. Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes our impact on our beneficiaries. Open to change and flexible in a fast paced environment. Effectively adapts own approach to suit changing circumstances or requirements. Reflects on experiences and modifies own behavior. Performance is consistent, even under pressure. Always pursues continuous improvements. Evaluates data and courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation and creativity to problem-solving. Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise and open manner. Communication indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listens and proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively, by overcoming differences of opinion and finding common ground.

Additional Considerations

Please make sure to download and fill the attached form for inclusion in the project managers' pool for re-assignment or re-hire upon project closure. Upon submission of your application, add the filled form as an attachment to your application for review by PCG. - Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. - Attached are the Terms of References in French and Spanish Languages for your reference. - Applications to this pool will be open for 2 weeks at the start of each quarter. (first 2 weeks in January, April, July and October) - Eligible candidates will be classified according to their experience into different Project Management categories (Infrastructure, Advisory, Transactional, Implementation). - Members of the pool can be re-assigned/re-hired using the same contract modality they are/have been holding with UNOPS. - UNOPS seeks to reasonably accommodate candidates with special needs, upon request. - Work life harmonization - UNOPS values its people and recognizes the importance of balancing professional and personal demands. We have a progressive policy on work-life harmonization and offer several flexible working options. This policy applies to UNOPS personnel on all contract types - For staff positions only, UNOPS reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level than the advertised level of the post - The incumbent is responsible to abide by security policies, administrative instructions, plans and procedures of the UN Security Management System and that of UNOPS.

PCG is planning to hold webinars in English, French and Spanish languages for UNOPS personnel who are interested to know more about this pool. if interested, please send an e-mail to "[email protected]" to confirm your interest and your preferred webinar language. It is the policy of UNOPS to conduct background checks on all potential recruits/interns. Recruitment/internship in UNOPS is contingent on the results of such checks.

The membership of this pool expires after 6 months, however the members can reapply in case they deem themselves eligible.

  • Members of the pool can be re-assigned/re-hired using the same contract modality they are/have been holding with UNOPS.

  • Members of the pool can be re-assigned/re-hired using the same contract modality they are/have been holding with UNOPS.

Additional information

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