Support in Implementation of a Rural School Rejuvenation Project

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UVS is working on SDG4 which aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” The Nagthana Public School is a school in rural Maharashtra in India which serves underprivileged children from class 1-7th. The school is facing numerous issue of poor infrastructure, absence of digital infrastructure, playground, etc. The COVID19 pandemic has further exasperated these inadequacies. The school rejuvenation project has completed it's phase 1 (data collection, project proposal, etc) and is now embarking on it's phase 2 which requires volunteers to formulate an implementation plan for the project by referring to the phase 1 materials and information.

Five-Six selected volunteers are required to assist us on various tasks involved in project implementation. To mention specifically-

First Volunteer : He/She may actively work with the existing team to take on the project to implementation phase to finalise the strategy.

Second and Third Volunteer: He/She will be put to specific tasks including communication with stakeholders, vendors, negotiation, budgeting, etc based on their skills and abilities.

Fourth Volunteer: He/She will be responsible for problem solving, ensuring smooth functioning of the project and overlooking the implementation

Fifth/Sixth Volunteer: Handle external intervention and opportunities for the project and create content/proposals for the same eg: fundraising opportunities

This task may start around 1 January 2022 and will go on for next 12 weeks.

The above mentioned roles are overlapping and may not be restricted to the assigned individuals

First Volunteer - Excellent verbal and writing skills, experience in project development/implementation, experience in education sector is preferred. Individuals from varied backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Second and third Volunteer - Excellent communication skills, knowledge on costing and developing budgets, experience in developing project proposals.

Fourth Volunteer - Project Management abilities, operational capabilities, problem solving, leadership, experience in leading/implementing projects.

Fifth/Six Volunteer - Knowledge of education sector, efficient in discovering opportunities, excellent writing skills,

Individuals with experience from different field are also encouraged to apply

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